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Suppliers, partners and customers transparency

Have you ever wondered how this three party relation works behind the scenes?

Suppliers, partners, and customers are at the heart of any business. Have you ever wondered how these three parties work together behind the scenes? You are on one side as customer and travel services retailer, the suppliers are on another side as travel services providers, while dcs plus is technology provider.

Let us have a deeper look! 

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Why Should You Invest in Travel Technology?

This is a question every manager in the travel industry should be asking themselves, because the thought process behind a serious answer will jumpstart – or clarify – a reasoned foundation for a strategic role and direction for technology.  A non-serious afinds themselves with – a technology spend is just another part of doing business, don’t spend crazy money on it but don’t fall far behind the competition either.

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10 tips to avoid booking abandonment on travel websites

10 things good to know for your Online Travel Agency:

What is the difference between an effective website and one that is not? Here are 10 things you should consider in order to drive traffic and maximize your conversion rate, while not compromising your integrity.

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TINA upgrades will increase administrative operations

TINA news:

Starting in the September release of TINA we are now supporting PHP 5.4 and 5.5 which should increase the reability of the server and make the job of the system administrator easier.

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Multiple Accommodation Rates for tour operators system

More features for tour operators in AIDA:

The latest AIDA release enables the tour operator to define multiple Accommodation Rates together with Special Deals, in a very intuitive manner.

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Top 5 tips on travel booking software

Promote your best offers, using TRIP widgets:

The packages widget automatically displays for each package the name, image and minimum price.

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TINA new plugin - General supplier invoice import

Better control over your financial situation!

In order to easily process supplier invoices inside TINA, this module allows the import of one or several supplier invoices directly from a CSV file. As most of the suppliers offer an Excel or similar file, which can be simply converted to CSV, this is an easy to use option to import supplier invoices inside the mid office application.

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