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TINA upgrades will increase administrative operations

TINA news:

Starting in the September release of TINA we are now supporting PHP 5.4 and 5.5 which should increase the reability of the server and make the job of the system administrator easier.

Automated processing of imported order:

The new version of TINA will include improvements to automated importing and the processing of imported orders (from external systems). You, the user, can now select an unlimited number of orders and process those orders in one click. This new version of TINA will provide complete results even in the event that one or several orders are incomplete and cannot be processed.

In the new release of TINA we have improved the automated importing and processing of imported orders (from external systems). In this respect, the user is able to select an unlimited number of orders and click on automated processing. If one or several orders cannot be processed, they are being skipped and all the others are being processed and added to the order form. In order not to lose focus on the skipped orders, after the automated process is finished the user interface remains in the same window with only the skipped orders selected in order to allow for easy manual processing. 


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