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Fees management rules set-up and their impact on your business profitability

Get your financials right! You know very well the range of commercial agreements that you have with your corporate customers and how complex they can become. Also, a smart and accurate set up and management of service fees, commissions and discounts will have an impact on your business long-term profitability. Most likely, you have a diversity of service fee models – whether in terms of the amounts charged, type of service for which you are charging, type of operation performed (for ex. in case of air tickets – issue, change, refund etc.). As these service fees are a valuable source of revenue, you as a TMC, should be strict when applying fees, discounts and commissions.

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TINA Academy: free education meant to grow travel businesses as well as individual careers

17 years of expertise in the travel industry, together with hundreds of business models analyzed, translated into a robust travel ERP – TINA, that is not only being successfully used globally, but also became an industry standard solution.

TINA is about efficiency, cost reduction and profitability. It represents a good way for travel agencies to become more productive and to grow. In order to help our customers achieve the best results with TINA, we thought of ways of helping them to use the platform at its full potential.

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Product Updates - February 2018

TINA mid back office system updates

New bulk operation available for the services from imported orders – block services

A new Bulk option is available for not processed services in the Imported orders section from the Operational module. This allows the user to block multiple services at once:

 TINA- block services

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Product Updates - January 2018

TINA mid back office system updates

Import payments from TBS to TINA for TBS services

The possibility to import payments from TBS system for the imported services that don’t have other cashing documents added was developed in the latest version of TINA.

These payments will arrive in the Imported documents section and will be associated to the specific imported services and corporation.

Thus, TINA users will benefit of a new automated process and will be able to enjoy a 'clear picture' in both TINA and TBS systems.

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Product Updates - December 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Now, you have the possibility to group the suppliers by category

A new field has been added in the Suppliers section, allowing the user to select a specific category it belongs to and to filter by it in the section. These new categories are available also in Fees management and Automation rules (Process services on orders and Add invoices), as it can be noticed in the images below:

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