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4 Reasons Why Travel Agents Need An ERP Solution

Let’s talk about cooking for a moment, particularly the cooking of a stew. A typical stew is made up of many core ingredients essential for a healthy diet: meat, starch, carbs, vegetables, and others. These ingredients are then combined in one-pot for a well-rounded eating experience that is efficient for the diner and often easy for the cook to prepare. The end result, if done properly, is a well-integrated dish of complex flavors that is often simple to execute and easy to repeat in the future.

The same is true when it comes to ERP solutions for travel agents. In today’s complex, interconnected travel industry, travel agents are called to execute any number of disparate tasks at any given moment - everything from travel operations to financial duties to operational or back-office functions. The result of these demands is a complex business atmosphere that can require much in the way of time and resources, which can hamper an agent’s productivity and efficiency in serving customers.

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Travel ERP: Tips for Making a Good Selection

A recurring theme in this blog is the central role travel technology plays in the business model of successful travel companies, particularly enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems designed for the travel industry. There’s a simple explanation for this – Travel ERP has the potential to deliver such a wide array of benefits that it fits into any number of travel topics: reducing operational costs with automation; making better decisions with more accurate reporting; or supporting sales with better travel partner integration, just to name a few.  

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What makes a Travel Company or Travel Agency consistently successful?

It’s tempting to look back on 2015 for clues of what lies ahead for the travel industry in 2016, and there is some value in that approach.  Certainly technology will continue to impact how people purchase and experience travel; distribution channels will continue to evolve and the industry as a whole will continue to grow. But there’s a limit to what clues from the prior year can tell us and also a point at which trying to read tea leaves  from the past amounts to a distraction more than anything else.

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Is your Travel ERP System Designed to Support Growth?

Whether you’re a travel agency, a tour operator or a travel management company, you face the challenge of a changing travel market and the sobering reality that your competition is not standing still. In order to grow, your company has to aggressively find new product and service opportunities, adjust quickly to changing economic conditions and stay ahead of competitor strategies. The travel industry is complex and no single operational dimension will be the deciding factor for how well these challenges are met, but certainly a company’s software system will play a major role.

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