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The 2016 Travel Industry By the Numbers

In a recent entry, we recounted 2016 by looking at some of the biggest trends and storylines of the last year in order to get a glimpse of where the travel industry may be headed in the next 12 months. While many of these narratives are compelling in that they paint a portrait of a complex global industry poised for continued growth, they fail in some sense to show just how impactful 2016 was in terms of hard figures. To put it bluntly, numbers matter and numbers don’t lie, especially in today’s travel landscape where travel companies must work harder than ever before to remain competitive and viable.

Whether you’re discussing the total number of dollars spent globally on inbound travel or the percentage of millennial travelers entering the market for the first time, 2016 presents some fascinating statistics that travel companies and tour operators should pay close attention to as they ramp up for the coming year. Because so much of the travel industry relies on actionable data, these year-end figures and projections perhaps reveal more of the story of 2016 than the trends and stories themselves.

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3 Ways Agencies Can Benefit from Updating Static Databases

The travel industry is undergoing rapid evolution, and that evolution can cause the marketplace to appear chaotic from many angles. But in today's travel industry when younger travelers’ first impulses are often to forego travel agents altogether, savvy agencies can take advantage of the chaos and confusion by providing an alternative: order.

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8 Must-Know Tips For Successfully Attending WTM London 2016

The 37th annual World Travel Market London is quickly approaching. The 2016 tradeshow is set for Nov. 7-9 at ExCel London and is primed to be one of the biggest conferences in the organization’s history. Seminars, guest speakers, demonstrations, and meet-and-greets with travel industry professionals from across the globe are just a handful of the events attendees can look forward to, along with a wide variety of business networking and contract opportunities with travel professionals, government ministers, and the international travel press.

It’s an exciting few days for the travel industry, but the sheer number of events, discussions, and exhibitors can be overwhelming for both first-time attendees and returners. It’s easy for exhibitors, speakers, and attendees alike to over-schedule, under-schedule, and even miss out entirely on events and opportunities.

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Travel Technology means Growth for Tour Operators

Tour operators are an intriguing part of the travel industry. They’re elusively difficult to capture in a single definition because they form a diverse constellation of products and services, all of which reflect different cultures and geographies. 

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From Then to Now, Part III: 5 Big Moments in Travel Technology

In the previous entry in our series on the evolution of the travel industry since 2000, we focussed on the major players in the travel and tourism industry and how these companies and organizations have shaped the industry of today. We also discussed how their impact has influenced the way customers experience travel on a global level.

In today’s third and final installment, we’ll examine the most influential technologies within the travel industry and how their evolutions have impacted both travel companies and consumers. Our goal is to focus on the most important moments in the progression of travel technology to highlight just how much the travel and tourism industry has changed in a relatively short amount of time.

Technologies develop quickly. What was state-of-the-art or revolutionary one day is out-of-date the next, and the technologies that have had the greatest impact on the travel and tourism industry are certainly no exception. Since just the year 2000, the technological platforms available to both companies and customers has significantly transformed the way travelers travel and companies operate.

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