Mobile has forever changed travel industry. In a world where travel means mobility, offering your customers a travel mobile app is increasingly important. Travel apps simplify the travel experience by keeping everything organized, this way technology can transform the travel experience and make it more enjoyable. Travel apps haven't just changed one element of the travel experience, it have changed all of them: from organizing trips, to finding the best places at your destinations.

Now you don't have to worry anymore about investing thousands in a travel app! You can offer your travelers TravList a travel mobil assistant.


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How it works?

Sign up for a free account, add your passengers in our TravList Itinerary Management platform, create trips for them with the bought travel services. We handle the rest -  our platform will automatically push these new trips to your travelers by email. In a matter of seconds you can send all the traveling details in your travelers smartphone.

  • They will receive an email with the new created trips
  • All they have to do is install the app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Trips will be pushed in your travelers' TravList app


Why you should use TravList?

It is free!


There are no costs for your travel agency, no setup fees and no subscription fees. You can send to your travelers up to 50 pushes every month  and offer them access to all their travel details right on their smartphones. If your traveler has installed TravList app, the trips that you add will be instantly updated in the app.

Itinerary management mobile app


TravList will serve your travelers as a mobile travel assistant – catering for all their journey needs in one place. With TravList , your travelers will have access to their travel details and will be able to manage trips. TravList offers a complete, hassle free way to enjoy traveling - real time notifications, online check-in, attractions at the destination, weather at destination - more precisely, TravList becomes a central hub for managing travel.

It's so easy to use!


All you have to do is sign up for TravList Itinerary Management, start adding your passengers and create their trips in the platform. Your customers will receive automatically notifications with their traveling details by email and get their travel details directly to TravList mobile app.


Follow your travelers in real-time!


Have a look at the real-time map with an overview of your traveling passengers. You can see who is traveling, where and when is traveling at any given moment.


Sign up for free, add your travelers in our platform, create their trips and offer them a valuable app !

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