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Take a three-dymensional look inside your company

'Power is nothing without control' is the well know slogan of Pirelli Tire Company.

We believe this to be true in all aspects of life. It is what has guided our company and enabled us to develop our technologies. In our vision, power is given by a strong, robust, flexible and efficient piece of software and control is given by the way this software is being used. In order to use it correctly, one must first evaluate the current situation and establish a strategy based on which the chosen software solution will be able to deliver the expected results – we call this process Operational Audit.

 The operational audit is focusing on:

  • Mapping the operational processes inside the travel agency
  • Identifying the weak and strong points
  • Providing suggestions on how you can eliminate weak points
  • How to improve strong points
  • How to increase the overall efficiency 

 Find out how dcs plus solutions can improve your travel business! 

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'A long term cooperation with dcs plus offered me the privilege to see a good idea in 2003, transformed through hard work, initiative and innovation, into a success story today. And I am sure of that for the future, too. 
As a user of the software applications suite developed by dcs plus I observe in every moment their impact over the processes inside the company. Starting from a critical area of our operations and reaching zones related to the development, management and distribution of Aerotravel products, dcs plus integrated solutions completely cover our needs, while the relationship between our companies, consolidated through the professionalism of dcs plus consultants, allows a direct and effective intervention when, after a deep analysis, a specific development is necessary.

Antonio Nitu, General Manager