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In the contemporary business landscape, it is imperative for travel agencies to prioritize adept credit and collection management to uphold financial stability and secure sustained success. Navigating the intricacies of credit risk management, monitoring customer payments, and refining collection strategies can be both intricate and time-consuming.

Efficient collection management stands as a crucial element in sustaining robust cash flow and minimizing outstanding receivables. TINA provides you with the necessary tools to automate collection procedures, such as payment reminders and personalized communication. The implementation of automated collection workflows ensures a systematic and punctual approach to follow-ups, thereby enhancing the likelihood of timely payments from customers.

Let automation do the work for you!

In order to ensure a seamless accounts receivable flow while keeping your customers informed, you need an additional layer of control and automation over the invoices statuses.

And, we've got you covered! TINA offers the Collection Profiles feature aiming at managing the collection process in the most efficient and effective way, so you can achieve automated collection workflows and reduced outstanding receivables. This feature comes with flexibility in defining various collection profiles: you can have a standard profile  applicable for most corporate customers or individual passengers, or tailored profiles for specific customers as per your commercial agreements.

  • Efficiency: Making use of Collection Profiles defined in TINA, you can further build up workflows to automatically send reminders to your customers. We all know that sending out manual follow-ups can be time-consuming and prone to human error. With TINA Travel ERP, you can automate recurring reminders which translates into saved time to focus on higher priorities. This streamlines the entire payment collection process, ensuring that notifications are sent promptly to your customers without requiring manual intervention.
  • Right in time: Configuring specific rules on the reminders' workflow, allows you to schedule notifications at specific intervals of time, before any invoice becomes overdue. This ensures your customers receive notices prior to the due date, increasing the chances of receiving the payment sooner.

  • No more tracking: Eliminate manual tasks such as constantly monitoring invoice statuses and keeping track of due dates. You can set up payment reminders taking into consideration a number of days before invoices become overdue. Furthermore, once a customer initiates the payment and the invoice status is marked as paid, TINA ensures no further reminders are sent to that specific customer.
  • Customization: Collection profiles in TINA can be applicable to different segments, including your corporate customers, as well as individual passengers. Our Travel ERP allows travel agencies to customize the reminder message and the frequency, which translates into tailored reminders that contribute to positive customer relationships.

It's time to reduce outstanding receivables! By minimizing outstanding invoices and optimizing your financial team workflows, you can make the most of your business's time, and ultimately increase revenue. This feature was designed to offer businesses a cost-effective way to keep customers informed about issued invoices while reducing the risk of delayed payments. 


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