dcs plus at ITB Asia 2022

ITB Asia 2022 is just around the corner!

The countdown is on to the ITB Asia 2022 Travel Trade Show, Asia’s leading travel trade fair that will be held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!

As we look beyond 2022, the reality is that travel will never truly be the same, leaving it up to the industry to figure out how to adapt and evolve to meet this new future head on. Along with the leading travel market professionals and experts from all over the world, we will be there to transfer our knowledge, share expertise and contribute to the shaping of the APAC tourism market post-COVID-19. 

It’s time for a new perspective for our industry, that leads to accelerating transformation: be resilient and agile. After the pandemic, travel players find their operational performance and sales productivity questioned in the short-term and beyond. Businesses that are not yet digitally focused will be forced to change and need to embrace technology.

Now more than ever, companies are harnessing the full potential of automation technology but still leveraging the much-needed human skills for higher value customer needs. Come to experience our full stack of tech solutions that will help your business to attract new customers, ease your internal processes management, overcome the sudden challenges and changes that the travel industry is facing, and offer better services to your clients:

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks;
  • Gain full visibility and control over your travel business;
  • Take advantage of straightforward integrations for your business;
  • expand and consolidate your selling channels.

As a global player, dcs plus is involved since 2002 in business transformation projects in more than 50 markets, enabling travel agencies to become more operationally efficient and competitive, through an end-to-end technology ecosystem.

If you will be attending this edition of ITB Asia 2022, it will be our pleasure to meet you and discuss how to transform and reignite your business in 2022 to gain competitive advantage and enhance your full business potential.


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