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Keep up to date with the latest updates from our mapping team!

A database that is not accurately cleaned and continuously mapped, might cause you to miss the latest additions provided by your suppliers, book wrongly allocated hotels and increase your engine’s response time. We know how important is for you to have an up-to-date content.

Therefore, our mapping team is performing regular updates and improvements in order to have an up-to-date content database. Here are some of the key updates:


Matched Hotels April 2017 vs. September 2016

Matched Hotels April 2017 vs. September 2016

Mapping Stats

New Suppliers: Cities & Hotels

New Mapped Cities.png


Permanently updated database

Our mapping service includes also maintenance of the database, by performing regular updates.

This means that all new destinations and hotels that appear in the suppliers’ systems and also the latest changes, will be available in our platform. These new elements will be either merged to existing IDs or assigned to new IDs.


Why should you choose our mapping services?

We are continuously looking to bring improvements to the mapped database, meant to increase the efficiency of the client’s booking platform. This is why our team invests time in research and analysis.

Having an externalized mapping service adds even more to the overall profitability of your company. Keeping your own internal dedicated team to take care of the mapping process is a lot more expensive than acquiring the service from dcs plus BPO. Just think about the salaries, logistic and business continuity problems that are simply avoided by the external service.

What else you'll get?

  • Continuousy updated content
  • Reliable & accurate search results
  • Short time to market
  • Unique IDs for both destinations and hotels
  • Optimized results and increased performance of the selling platform.


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