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Why Travel Agencies Need Continuously Mapped Content Databases?

The problems that can arise from content databases that are not accurately cleaned or mapped can not only result in poor customer and supplier relations, but more importantly, they can result in confusion, missed business opportunities, and significant losses in time and money - all of which are disruptions travel agency cannot afford in today's environment.

With this in mind, our mapping team is performing regular updates and improvements in order to have a fresh content database.

Let’s have a look at the latest updates from our mapping team.

content mapping

The data for our mapping process was delivered by a number of 30 travel suppliers. From a total number of 347,290 cities received from suppliers, our team has processed the mapping and resulted a total number of 69,457 unique cities. When performing the cities matching, we take into account each country's specific territorial segmentation, such as provinces, regions, states, that is a manual ongoing process.

A very important objective for our team is eliminating the duplicates and creating unique ID’s for both destinations and hotels. This is achieved through a consistent and rigorous manual work and high attention to details, for example at province/ state/ region when doing the cities matching and name, address and star rating when doing the hotels matching.

The problems you might face with bad mapping:

  • Duplicate or erroneous data coming from the suppliers 
  • Limited accuracy in searches and big chances to miss the latest additions provided by your suppliers, like better pricing and better inventory
  • Increased engine response time
  • Book wrongly allocated hotels
  • Inaccurate amenities
  • Unhappy customers.

How do we solve the problems:

  • Continuously updating the content and eliminating duplicates
  • Offering access to reliable and accurate search results
  • Get access to better prices and all the inventory
  • Increased performance of the selling platform
  • Short time to market
  • Unique IDs for both destinations and hotels.

We have a dedicated team of travel professionals specialized in the mapping process. Using experience proven techniques, the mapping team continuously improves the content and brings valuable updates to the database that includes worldwide content.

Don't bother with the mapping process anymore. 

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