Visit Malaysia 2020

Malaysia Vision 2020

Is your business ready for 30 million visitors this year without hiring more manpower to harness the new sales opportunities for you?


The traveler behavior has changed with technology. We are here to help you today.

According to Prime Minister's office of Malaysia, a  total of 78.2 million domestic tourists were recorded in 2018 with a growth of 10.9 per cent from the previous year, while domestic tourism expenditure registered a growth of 11.7 per cent in 2018 with RM60.4 billion. Visit Malaysia 2020 brings out the best of what Malaysia has to offer to the world in a single, event-packed year. "It is hoped that the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign will succeed in its target of 30 million international tourist arrivals and RM100 billion tourist receipts".

This brings along market growth and consequently a huge opportunity for your travel agency:

  • Does your technology enable employees accomplish their tasks faster and (more) effectively?
  • Are your operations scalable and flexible, capable of handling more business without hitting bottlenecks and hiring new staff?
  • Is your technology capable of providing the right, accurate information, analysis and reporting needed to make effective plans and take well-informed and timely decisions? 

An increase in productivity is always an opportunity for growth. Do this efficiently - accomplish more, with the same resources - leverage automation!

It’s certain that process automation will result in cost reduction for your travel agency; automated processing of bookings made in 3rd party systems, customer profiles, invoicing and settlements and automated reports regarding your agency’s performance and more…

As a result, you'll be able to:

  • Scale up your business without increasing your team
  • Avoid repetitive, manual work, reduce errors and accomplish more by utilizing fewer resources
  • Achieve time savings, enhance service quality, enable process accuracy, speed and efficiency



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