DMCs that leverage advanced software technologies gain a competitive edge in the market

The milestone of Saudi Arabia welcoming more than 100 million tourists in 2023 stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished through collaboration, innovation, and a forward-looking vision. The Kingdom not only offers a varied and vibrant tourism experience but also fulfills its commitment, setting the stage for a promising future in the global tourism sector. Saudi Arabia has established an ambitious target of attracting 150 million visitors by 2030, sparking significant growth and investment throughout the Kingdom.

The future looks promising for Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Saudi Arabia due to the country's impressive advancements in the tourism sector. The future appears bright and thrilling for DMCs in Saudi Arabia. They are integral in shaping the Kingdom's tourism landscape, ensuring that visitors encounter great experiences, reflecting the nation's commitment to enhancing its tourism sector. Addressing all these opportunities requires strategic planning, flexibility, innovation, and a flexible solution to adapt to your needs.

Working with contracted inventory requires highly flexible production solution!

AIDA enables DMCs to efficiently manage inventory and the distribution process. DMCs that leverage advanced software technologies gain a competitive edge in the market. AIDA successfully comprehends all the features great travel distributors have for all sorts of services: accommodation (hotels, villas, apartments etc.), transportation (air, bus, car, transfers etc.), other services (meals, transfers, cruises, trips, tickets etc.), packages (circuits, tours, vacations etc.) and can easily bring its customers in top level distribution competition. As a plus, being developed using the latest technology and concepts, it is very flexible and permits fast changes to components structure (capacities, pricing, service links and restrictions, packages etc.), according to rapid market variations trend.

5.1 -b- AIDA Schema

Operational Control

AIDA provides an easy way to get full control of own inventory, allowing a detailed and comprehensive management of it. Users can easily configure and apply each rule attached to the deals negotiated with the suppliers. Moreover, AIDA helps you get rid of multiple time-consuming responsibilities: it will lower your workload related to checking passengers lists, extracting rooming lists, issuing travel documents and so on. With all these processes automated, you travel agents can focus on production so that you’ll have everything ready for the next season, ahead of your competition, as with AIDA you can manage:

  • multiple release periods, and free sales; all these can be handle simultaneously for the same product;

  • multiple price components that will allow you to compute the selling price of the products;

  • multiple pricing layers that will allow you to customize the selling price depending on different criteria like: type of  clients, nationality of the travelers, duration of the service and so on;

  • powerful functionalities for the Special Deals management. Is always important to be able to adjust the pricing policy on the fly, while selling, and also to easily adapt to different Deals that may come from the suppliers. All these changes must be applied easy upon the already existing products and must have an immediate effect on the sale environments;

  • Create packages or tours by combining different travel components previously created in AIDA, especially for Hajj And Umrah Packages. Together with that, this concept will allow you to sell the contracted services both as part of the consolidated product, but also independently, as standalone services.

  • Another key feature refers to unlimited distribution capabilities. Besides its own B2B embedded interface, which allows you to instantly provide the Resellers with live access to the content, AIDA has an output API, developed in accordance with all the industry standards, that provides unlimited distribution capability. You can push your content to your own selling platforms (like the B2B interface of the aggregation tool, the B2B interface of a self booking tool for corporate clients, or of course to  B2C website). Together with that, you can open as many XML connections as needed, towards your Resellers, so they can retrieve the content directly within their booking engines. This API provides a huge competitive advantage against the standard selling methods that are commonly found and expands your selling options.


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