GDS sales report feature in TINA

TINA Travel ERP gives you full control over ticketing services!

Dealing with multiple airlines can be challenging in terms of centralized bookings, importing flights transactions and controlling tools. As a multi-GDS integrated solution, TINA Travel ERP streamlines and automates all ticketing-related processes, eliminating the hassle of manual work.

TINA seamlessly imports data from all major GDSs such as Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan. It captures all your ticketing bookings and transactions, transforming TINA into your operational hub. Beyond its automation capabilities, TINA offers a major advantage by providing you the right controlling tools, so you will gain full control and visibility over the imported ticketing services.

Better controlling tools for ticketing services

In order to ensure an up-to-date status over the imported flight services in TINA, travel agencies need an additional layer of control over the ticketing services. TINA steps up to the challenge by offering the GDS Sales Reports feature available within the Operational module.

Through this feature we aim helping travel agencies identify any potential gaps when it comes to the ticketing services from Amadeus, Sabre and ARC, by comparing the imported order tickets in TINA with the Sales Report sourced from GDS. You can make sure everything is in place by performing the comparison process on a daily basis or as often as you need.

GDS Sales Report

How can you make sure all ticketing services are in place?

  1. Extract the file sourced from the GDS;
  2. Select the source system in TINA and upload the file;
  3. Start the comparison process;
  4. Check some essentials columns, such as the availability ticket status within the platforms and the ticket number, to see if there are any discrepancies.


Do you have the right tool to better control any potential missing transactions?

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