TINA certified by ZATCA

TINA is ZATCA certified software for Saudi Arabia's market

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has initiated the E-Invoicing directive starting its first phase on 4th December 2021. E-invoicing can increase efficiency in transactions by making trade more seamless, efficient, and result in faster payments and reduced costs, whilst providing the KSA government with greater insights on market conditions.




In compliance with government regulations, we are pleased to announce that our mid back office solution - TINA is certified by Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) and dcs plus is a qualified solution provider for Saudi Arabia market.

The first phase requirements consist of ensuring that there is a technical e-invoicing solution compatible with the relevant requirements. This means no handwritten invoices or invoices written through text editors or number analysis applications on computers and companies will switch to digitizing their financial system. E-invoicing solutions must comply with the requirements and specifications published under the e-invoicing laws and regulations and can be summarized for Phase 1 as follows:

  • Ability to generate e-invoices with the required elements including QR codes;
  • Ability to timestamp the e-invoice copies archived in the solution;
  • Absence of prohibited functionalities: uncontrolled access, software time change, tampering of e-invoices or logs, multiple invoice sequences​;
  • Ensure invoices include the required additional fields on Tax Invoices and Simplified Tax Invoices.

Dealing with new regulations can be stressful for businesses — particularly when making the leap from paper to electronic invoices. dcs plus can help make the transition as smooth as possible with our industry standard solution - TINA.

What is TINA and how it helps?

TINA, the travel ERP powered by dcs plus, a “software translation” of the travel agent’s daily operations can accommodate virtually any business model to improve its processes and increase its efficiency, being deployed in more than 35 markets.




In today's competitive and dynamic travel industry, automation of processes is a must. Starting with automated processing of bookings made in 3rd party systems, continuing with customer profiles, invoicing and settlements, as well as automated reports and alerts, TINA can help you increase your productivity and business control. 

These are some customers and global TMCs using TINA:



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