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2019 is here - it's time to make an impact!

In the travel industry, technology is no longer a nice to have, trendy fashion, but already mainstream. Choosing the right solution is what really makes the difference.

Our full stack of tech solutions will help your business to attract new customers, ease your internal processes management, overcome the sudden challenges and changes that the travel industry is facing, and offer better services to your clients. 

We have been in operations since 2002 and we are only travel tech company in the market that provides a full stack solution designed inhouse. Our solutions are truly adaptable and therefore maximize revenue gains and optimize efficiency opportunities within an agency. Based in Bucharest, we have offices in Dubai, Singapore and Sao Paulo, which allows us to provide a global solution enhanced with local servicing. 


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dcs plus tech platform

Our software solutions suit and match the business’ needs of every travel company, regardless of its business model or market. Either if we are talking about travel management companies (TMCs) or destination management companies (DMCs), tour operators, OTAs or the regular business and leisure travel agencies - everything is covered.


dcs plus complete travel technology platform include:

TINATINA – travel mid-back office solution that optimizes operations and helps travel agencies cut costs through the automation of processes


IRIX  internet booking engine that  allows the agencies to maximize their revenue through the sales channels (B2B, B2C); it aggregates and distributes content from the largest travel suppliers on the market

AIDAAIDA an inventory and distribution solution that allows tour operators & DMCs to push their contracted content, together with their early bird offers faster than the competition

CSBTNOVA  Corporate self-booking tool that helps TMCs in simplifying the travel booking process for their SME corporate customers

TRIPTRIP – B2C platform that provides a simple & hassle free way of selling travel services online, on a fully customizable interface 



If you are actively  looking for solutions to enhance business efficiency and improve your business performance, get in touch with us!


Going that extra mile has always been important to us, thus we don’t limit ourselves to just offering cutting-edge tech solutions, but also consultancy for developing your business and overcoming the eventual challenges that acting in this industry bares. 

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