GBTA-Chicago 2019

Let's meet at GBTA Chicago, stand IR7!

In the travel industry, technology is no longer a nice to have, trendy fashion, but already mainstream.  Having a strong platform as a backbone will help business travel agencies to offer cost efficiency and opportunities to enhance both customer experience and revenues.

If you are actively  looking for solutions to enhance business efficiency and improve your business performance, let's discuss your options! Come and meet our team in Chicago, at GBTA. We'll be there from 5th to 7th of August - stand IR7.


The new version of CSBT corporate booking tool unveiled at GBTA

CSBTWe are excited to announce the launch of the new version of CSBT. The corporate self-booking tool comes with a brand-new, sleek user interface that will be available to view for the first time during GBTA.

CSBT’s proposal is straightforward: a consumer-friendly interface with a simplified and intuitive booking flow compliant with the travel policies in place within the company, while providing to the TMC the freedom to sell travel services from the desired suppliers. On top of some of the best functionalities that can be found in an OBT, the new version of the CSBT will increase adoption through its new look and feel.

GBTA attendees will be the first to get a look at the CSBT’s new UI and its features, and will get to know the benefits provided:

  • Hassle free onboarding process 
  • High-level usability
  • Travel content freedom 
  • Efficient booking workflow through automated processes
  • Seamless rollout of travel policies, ensured compliance and multi-level approval
  • Remarks configurations, cost centers and reason of trip codes 
  • Corporate reports
  • Travelers overview on map
  • Mobile responsive platform
  • Branded self-booking tool

From working with TMC representatives worldwide for over 15 years, dcs plus learned that business travel programs demand smart and fast technology to reinvent existing processes and bring incremental improvements in the user experience.

Discover a complete travel ecosystem

We have been in operations since 2002 and we are only travel tech company in the market that provides a full stack solution designed in-house. Our solutions are truly adaptable and therefore maximize revenue gains and optimize efficiency opportunities within an agency. Based in Bucharest, we have offices in Dubai, Singapore and Sao Paulo, which allows us to provide a global solution enhanced with local servicing. 

Our full stack of tech solutions will help your business to attract new customers, ease your internal processes management, overcome the sudden challenges and changes that the travel industry is facing, and offer better services to your clients. complete travel ecosystem



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