Push your early bird offers faster than your competition!


Accelerate your packages distribution with AIDA! 

Your main business activity focuses on packaging travel services and selling multi-day vacation tours that may include accommodation, transportation, meals, activities, and other services. When preparing for the new season you need a solution that lets you create and manage travel packages with complex structure.

AIDA tour operator solution allows you to sell your services as tailor-made or as packages, both holidays and tours. Your packages can be composed of accommodation, accommodation with secondary services, accommodation with secondary services and transportation or tour transportation.  For the accommodation services, AIDA allows you to select from 3 capacity management options:

  • Bulk
  • detailed I/rooms
  • detailed II/feature

Based on the contracts you have with your suppliers, you have three options for adding inventory in AIDA:

  • Guaranteed
  • Allotment
  • Request

Moreover, multiple other options are available for: restrict availability, add special offers (both at service and at package level), define various cancellation policy rules (at service level, at package level, at project level and for special offers).

For the transportation services, if you have multiple departures in a single day, with different airline companies and different prices, AIDA gives you the possibility to manage them individually.

At package level, you can add package descriptions, documents, set the visibility of the package as public or private, to be seen only by the resellers you are selecting.

You can add and sell transfers as standalone service group, or if you want, you can add in AIDA and further distribute travel packages from other tour operators, by using the Bundle service.

For the accommodation services management, sold tailor-made or in package, AIDA allows you to set multiple rates. Further on, this gives you the opportunity to have on sale different prices for the same period, giving the reseller or the final client the option to choose based on the deadline for the final payment. Additionally, you can restrict your content for some of your resellers or you can add, based on the supplier contract, different prices for specific nationalities.

Using AIDA, you can also benefit of instant definition for special offers, both packages and services. For packages, two pivots are available - package and service with several special offer types:

  • Early Booking
  • Pay and stay
  • Promotion
  • Last Minute
  • Promo campaigns

...and various restrictions that can set the duration, check-in period, stay in period. For the service pivot, the tour operator user can select from which package component to set the reduction. For package pivot, the reductions are made from the package total selling price.

For special offers made for services, 3 types are available:

  • Early Booking
  • Rolling Early Booking
  • Pay and stay

For the first two options, you can set the reductions as a percentage, while for the last type you can set the reduction as nights discount (firsts or lasts).


The packages are ready, everything is settled. It's time for distribution!

Well...let’s say you have everything in place for the season. You prepared your travel packages – it’s time to consider the distribution process.

We both know that time-to-market is a crucial success factor – again, the technology is key in the process. AIDA solution can provide a short response time for a high volume of requests.

AIDA gives you the possibility to sell through your own B2B platform, other B2B reservation platforms or directly on B2C websites – no matter the channel, the standardized API/ XML provided by AIDA allows you to make your offers available for sale in no time.

Either if you want to sell accommodation as an individual service or combined with ancillaries, transfers and/ or activities – it’s up to you: you can make your services available via web services either all together or only in part, according to your business plan.

A valuable advantage for you, as a tour operator, and a real differentiator that you should leverage is the powerful cache mechanism available in AIDA. This tool can analyze and process large data volumes. When selling travel packages, in fact you sell combinations of travel services –  imagine the number of possible combinations and the impact upon the data base when a request is made. AIDA cache is a high-speed memory that provides fast access to frequently used data. Thus, AIDA stores and calculates the selling prices in advance for all the destinations, all the packages, all the departure dates and all the passengers’ configurations available. An archive containing 12 XML files is generated – each file corresponds to each month of the year and contains all the available travel packages.

This way, either if your customers are searching for a certain destination, with a certain departure date, on a package that is already known or are looking for the cheapest package available, in any possible destination, regardless of the departure date and without any filters on the package name, AIDA displays the search results extremely fast.


Report, analyze and adapt your strategy for the next season!

After the season is finished it’s time to look at the numbers – time for analysis and conclusions. You can extract important reports from AIDA - they will provide you an overview on your agency’s performance. You'll be able to figure out corrective measure based on figures and you'll have a starting point when preparing your strategy for the following season.

The Reports section has multiple report sources: reservations, resellers, suppliers, inventory. With these sources, you can add your custom-made reports, such as:

  • number of passengers sold for a destination
  • special offers made for a destination (with the possibility to go deeper into details such as: the package component for which you applied a special offer)
  • total amount that you should pay to a supplier etc.

 Also, during the season, if you create reports that should be shared frequently, you can choose when they are generated: daily, weekly, or monthly. AIDA is extremely permissive, allowing you to set up also the hour of the report generation and the email address that should receive the report.

AIDA Reports section also provides you the option to export and import a report in order to use it with the same filters, columns, dynamic columns and allowing you to make only slight corrections and adjustments when necessary.