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Thank you for downloading our case study about Happy Tour and dcs plus technology. We hope that this information will help you to find out how dcs plus solutions help travel businesses.

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In Happy Tour Group, we consider that the greatest benefit arising from our partnership with dcs plus  is their capacity to understand our innovative  business concept. As leader of the Romanian tourism industry, we need to be competitive, fluid, and flexible in nowadays business environment, at the same time to provide the best tools so that our employees and partners (i.e. Associated Agencies) may use to constantly improve the productivity. TINA (ERP – Enterprise Resources Planning), TBS (Front Office and Distribution), which represents the platform behind our Happy Booking distribution system, and AIDA (Inventory and Stock Management), help us to reach high standards and also to acquire the best results.  For all of these, Happy Tour Group thanks you, dcs plus!'

Javier Garcia del Valle, Executive Vice President/ CEO

Happy Tour Group