I am a Retail Travel Agency

Are you a retail travel agency?

Then, your main purpose is to supply the public with travel services. You act as a broker, bringing sellers and buyers together, selling travel services such as flight tickets, accommodation transportation and other services.

Either you offer every possible service or specialize in a certain type of business, you need for sure a way to manage your daily operations. For instance:

  • You’re a full-service travel agency, offering:
    • any type of service/ product (either international or domestic travel) or
    • handling all type of travel – holidays or business trips, for groups or individuals
  • You’re a small agency, situated in residential area, focusing on leisure travel
  • You’re a large agency servicing commercial areas, focused on business travel
  • You’re a business travel agency, specializing in servicing corporate clients
  • You’re an in-house travel agency, servicing only one corporate account, with focus on business travel needs, but also dealing with the leisure requests of those corporate clients
  • You’re a travel agency specialized on a niche or segment such as: adventure travel, luxury holidays, gender (senior) group travel, cultural travel, etc.

The days when a retail agent was selling travel packages from brochures are gone. The same happened with manually handling the travel agency operations. Nowadays, travel retailers require access to content providers or want to source packages from tour operators and tour organizers and need automation for managing and controlling the back office daily operations. The impact of technology is felt on a daily basis – you know that travellers are more and more demanding, are informed and have various choices available. You need to best serve them, to enhance their experience but, at the same time, stay competitive and increase revenues.

So, be efficient! Stop tolerating inefficient processes or using disconnected systems – they will become too costly to support and will fail at producing the desired, reliable forecasts. Start using office solutions that provide timely and reliable data about the various operations on a daily basis. TINA travel management system is designed to help your organization run more efficiently.

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TINA will help you:

  • Optimize and automate business processes
  • Increase visibility over your agency’s operations
  • Ensure consistency of data throughout all back-office processes
  • Control the overall activity inside the agency


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