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Enhance your corporate customers' experience with Corporate Portal, powered by TINA Travel ERP!

The corporate travel industry is very competitive and demanding, as corporate customers are constantly looking for the most innovative solutions, whilst keeping an eye on costs to be reasonable. 

As a TMC, you always have to be up to this challenge and enhance your corporate customers' experience by effectively managing travel spendings within their budget, while empowering them to make informed decisions, drive savings and achieve operational efficiencies.

To enhance the collaboration with your corporate customer and improve the quality of services you provide as a TMC, we have specifically tailored Corporate Portal, the all-in-one solution which relies on TINA ERP's activity. It effortlessly integrates all travel program data, allowing stakeholders to access a suite of information leading to better business travel for your corporate customers!

How does Corporate Portal help you?

trustBuild Trustful Partnerships

Corporate Portal was specifically designed to enhance the collaboration between TMCs and their corporate customers. TMCs can stand as a reliable and transparent partner by providing access to all the data their corporate customers need. 

efficiencyAchieve Operational Efficiency 

Corporate customers can access a suite of real-time data, in one single place, about all bookings, invoices, travel metrics and useful reports. It translates into reduced amount of manual work required by account managers and finance teams.

easy implementation Embrace Easy Onboarding

The implementation and rollout process are simple and efficient, with instant data accessibility. The all-in-one platform was designed to simplifying the management, tracking and reporting processes associated with business travel spendings.


Offer your corporate customers the insights they need, at a glance, with Corporate Portal!

Intuitive Dashboard

Enable your corporate customers to make informed and actionable decisions to drive savings and efficiencies, through real-time KPIs and travel metrics which are displayed in a straightforward and convenient manner. 

  • Balance & Credit limit status;
  • Outstanding invoices;
  • Total spent by service type;
  • Monthly evolution of bookings;
  • Summary of trips, ongoing and upcoming trips;
  • Top destinations, routes and suppliers and other useful insights.

By selecting different period of time for the widgets, they offer valuable insights at a glance.


CP dashboard



corporate portal services-1


Designed for Operational Teams

In the services section, travel managers can access all the travel services that had been booked, at any given time. This module allows them to effortlessly retrieve and review essential details regarding their travel arrangements, and more than that, can download different documents such as vouchers.


Accounting made easy

Corporate Portal streamlines financial management processes for corporate travel, offering real-time access to financial data and facilitating full visibility into the financial status of their travel programs.

Financial teams benefit of real-time financial data, centralized invoice management (overdue and upcoming invoices), actionable insights (payment status) and invoice download capabilities.







Simplified reporting capabilities

For each company, the TINA Administrator (TMC) can manage what type of reports to include in the Corporate Portal account, based on different sources: services, invoices and payments. More than that, special report columns can be defined for capturing extra info, by making use of the stored remarks in TINA.

This selection will be displayed within the Corporate Portal, providing valuable insights and data to your corporate customer.

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