I am a Tour Operator 

Are you a Tour Operator, looking for an inventory and distribution solution?

Holiday packages drive in business, but require a complex set of services: accommodation, transport, excursions, tours, and activities. Aggregating this information and managing it can be a challenge. You, as a tour operator, need a robust, yet flexible platform that allows you to manage inventory and bookings while simultaneously optimizing online sales.


Tour Operator Solution


Create and update inventories, set pricings and distribute your travel services and packages in a unitary fashion, through AIDA


AIDA, the travel software for tour operators, provides you:

  • Streamline travel package sales
  • High level customer service
  • Manage complex contracts
  • Handle complex packaging, both static and dynamic
  • Configure capacities, pricing and availability
  • Use comprehensive module for price definition that can cover basically all possible scenarios
  • Configure any combination of discounts, promotions and supplement
  • Define complex cancellation policies with multiple rules
  • Automatically manage the reservations, together with voids and refunds and issue invoices for the resellers
  • Use advanced document templates for vouchers, proformas and travel documents, thus ensuring flexibility and adaptability
  • Use advanced tools to easily generate reports
  • Distribute services in different markets, through different sales channels (your own selling platform or via webservice)


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