Global partnerships with key industry players

In the attempt to shape the future of global travel industry, our company joined efforts with key travel industry players, entering together into strategic partnerships, with the goal of sharing further our know-how, expertise and visionary thinking with our worldwide customers.

These global partnerships will allow all the parties involved to fully support the core components of travel agencies in a collaborative environment and with integrated tools and strategies.

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Amadeus Partnership

dcs plus and Amadeus have joined together in a partnership back in 2006. As strategic partners, Amadeus and dcs plus aim to enter new markets with combined offers and strategies, helping the travel industry players improve their overall business by providing solutions suitable for their needs.

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Sabre Partnership

The partnership between dcs plus and Sabre demonstrates how travel industry expertise and knowledge in the travel technology field can combine to create exciting and innovative opportunities having the potential to improve the business operations of our mutual customers.

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Travelport Partnership

This is a strategic partnership for our joint customers, allowing us to better serve and support their individual projects. Our common goal is to deliver innovation through collaboration in a challenging and dynamic travel environment.

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Lufthansa Direct Connect

dcs plus is one of the first companies that became a Direct Connect Technology Partner of the Lufthansa Group; thus, dcs plus technology connects directly with the Lufthansa Group Inventory, providing users with access to the exclusive offers of all the group's airlines: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and SWISS.

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Lufthansa Group

Emirates Direct Connect

dcs plus has developed a new Direct Connect option in IRIX booking system, providing the travel agencies with direct access to Emirates’ inventory. Through this new NDC compliant communication link, more than 350,000 travel professionals in over 45 markets can benefit of a flexible and transparent access to Emirate’s full content, including schedules, fares, availability, special offers and ancillary services.  

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Hotelbeds Partnership

We're pleased to extend our collaboration through our Preferred Partner Program with our longstanding partners from Hotelbeds, with whom we've maintained a strong partnership for more than a decade. dcs plus & Hotelbeds blend of technology and travel content solutions serve as a reliable support for growth, enabling our mutual customers to unlock their full potential while experiencing a completely optimized experience.

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dcs plus and hotelbeds partnership


WebBeds Partnership

Our strong partnership, which spans over a decade, has been a cornerstone of our success. Building upon the global alliance between dcs plus and WebBeds, our goal is to elevate our current collaboration to the status of a preferred partnership. This move is driven by our commitment to enhancing the value we offer to our shared customer base.

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dcs plus and webbeds partnership


Go Global Partnership

We are happy to announce extending our collaboration through this program with our partners from Go Global Travel with whom we are engaged in a strong partnership for over a decade. Given the global partnership between dcs plus and Go Global Travel, our objective is to extend our current collaboration into a preferred partnership, with the aim of providing added value to our shared customer base.

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TBO Partnership

In the light of the dcs plus global - TBO strong partnership, we aim to expand our current collaboration into a preferred partnership, with the goal of delivering enhanced value to our shared customer base by delivering cutting-edge technology and content solutions.

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dcs plus and tbo partnership


Radius Travel 

dcs plus has partnered up with Radius Travel in order to bring next-generation technology into Radius Travel’s top-class services delivery. dcs plus has been certified with MEF 3.0 Radius CERTIFICATION for technology and communication, and, as a natural step forward, a tech-based partnership has now been opened.

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radius travel


GlobalStar Travel Management 

dcs plus has partnered with GlobalStar Travel Management to empower travel agencies from the network with complete travel technology, from mid-back office system, to travel content aggregation and distribution, corporate self booking tools and B2C platform.

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Lufthansa City Center Partnership

The strategic partnership between Lufthansa City Center (LCC) and dcs plus aims to provide the travel agencies which are members of the franchising network with the right software tools in order to accomplish their goal faster, cheaper, efficiently in a collaborative environment.


Lufthansa City Center


dcs plus has partnered up with Hotelmize in order to offer customers better and more complete search experience in travel booking. Hotelmize is an AI-driven Travel technology company that allows travel companies to increase their profits by optimizing their purchasing rates post-booking.


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