I am a Travel Wholesaler 

Are you a travel wholesaler, looking for content aggregation, increasing sales and margins and development of new distribution channels?

Working with various travel wholesalers from different geographical locations, we gained an extensive experience in the field, fact which allowed us to build a robust software solution, suitable for travel consolidators and distributors, from very large to small ones.

Through dcs plus technology, you can manage all your travel operations in a single software platform:

  • Multiple suppliers management
  • Travel services aggregation and consolidation (best price and best availability)
  • Content mapping and deduplication
  • Affiliates network management 
  • Payments (credit limit, autocancellations, credit card)
  • Reservation management
  • Delivery on multiple points of sale
  • Reporting

Capture a wide variety of travel services via XML, that you can contract directly, such as: flights, hotels, cars, transfers, Wholesalers, Channel Managers, PMS or other systems and further distribute the services online (through web affiliates or by whitelabel on various websites) or/ and offline, or through third party software systems (via XML/ API output).


With IRIX, you can:

  • Provide your customers a seamless connection to a large choice of global travel suppliers, in a one stop shop
  • Build  large travel distribution networks
  • Manage the bookings and track performance on each selling channel
  • Offer best price and availability to your partners
  • Control prices - negociated rates with each supplier: direct agreements, mark-ups, commissions
  • Offer credit limit facilities, according to your agreements
  • Tweak volumes on preferred suppliers in order to reach incentive targets
  • Be accessible and maintain competitive prices
  • Always deliver the highest quality of service
  • Enhance your products and services continuously to meet current and future market needs
  • Provide your affiliates a reliable, flexible and user friendly online booking system.


 Wide choice, great cost saving opportunities and high speed distribution in a single, reliable booking engine.

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