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What is AIDA? 

AIDA is a solution for inventory management and distribution. It allows travel professionals to create their own offerings – packages, tours, accommodation, transfers, etc. Through AIDA the user can select preferred destinations, along with preferred hotels and airlines in order to build a unique experience. It is an ideal tool for tour operators and destination management companies. 

AIDA is an inventory and distribution software with all the necessary instruments to allow any tour operator company to completely automatize – and systematize product and service offerings.

AIDA is perfect for:

  • Tour operators
  • DMCs

How AIDA works?


  • AIDA helps manage inventory in a detailed and comprehensive way
  • AIDA enables to create specialized and customized products and services from your inventory
  • AIDA makes it possible to distribute your products (tailor-made services, packages) to an unlimited number of resellers and distributors
  • AIDA tracks reservations and allows your resellers to check the status of an order, generate vouchers and proforma invoices, and amend reservations
  • AIDA monitors inventory and generates selling reports

Services available in AIDA inventory

  • Accommodation (hotels, villas, apartments etc.)          
  • Transportation (air, bus, car etc.)
  • Transfer services (car, van, minibus etc.)
  • Ancillary services (meals, cruises, trips, tickets etc.)
  • Travel Packages (tours, holidays etc.)

Being developed using the latest technology and concepts, it is very flexible and permits fast changes to components structure (capacities, pricing, service links and restrictions, packages etc.), according to rapid market variations trend.

Being a web based software, AIDA offers you major advantages: accessibility, scalability, low cost implementation and maintenance.

We want to offer you an end-to-end experience, so we created all dcs plus products interconnected. This way, you can manage your sales process and generate any report in TINA, create and manage your own inventory in AIDA, aggregate and distribute travel content from your own inventory as well as GDS's and Wholesalers in IRIX. You can also use TRIP to sell all this content to your online customers.

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