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To ensure managing business travel in 2024 is hassle-free, we are always keen on improving our OBT with significant upgrades across both Corporate and Admin Interfaces. We are thrilled to keep you on the loop about the latest improvements, empowering you to maximize your experience when using NOVA.

Let's explore what's new in our Corporate Self-Booking Tool!

Easily organize trip files

Corporate users can easily organize their trips under "Trip files" for a better overview of the travel services associated with a specific business trip.

For a straight-forward management of bookings under trip files, starting with this version, corporate users can organize their bookings at the book step, being able to choose one existing file trip or to create a new one.




NOVA Corporation - Trip files

NOVA Corporation - extra user email notification

Keep everyone in the loop

NOVA allows your corporate customers to add extra users to be notified when certain travelers book trips or receive  approval, helping different stakeholders to be informed and ensuring a more strict approval process.

On the "User rights & arrangers" section, corporate users can choose specific contacts to receive notifications only from the travelers they manage.

For a more efficient process, Travel Managers can also set up extra users to receive notifications in bulk, by including their email address under the "UserLinks" column of the .xlsx or .csv document.


Offline services improvements

A new set of improvements have been added for the offline services module within NOVA Admin Interface, in order to manage more easily the quotation process for the offline services. This offers you expanded capabilities on adding or editing request details: 

  • Currency: the information is already predefined when a new offer is added, based on the corporation currency configuration;
  • Agent: adding the agent or editing the existing one is available in the request details section;
  • Status: if the offer needs to be closed without going through the normal flow, the agency admin can manually change its status.


NOVA admin - offline services



NOVA admin - default language-2


Default language

As your corporate users might want to have the NOVA Corporation interface translated into a specific language, NOVA allows you to enhance their experience by translating the interface for your corporate users.

In addition to that, in the last version of NOVA, we have added the option to set up a default language per corporation and to assist the user experience through the OBT.



Send travel documents to every passenger

Keep all passengers updated with their travel documents!

NOVA Admins can enable the e-mail notification on corporation level, which translates into sending the travel documents to each passenger included within a specific booking. The e-mail will include all tickets/documents of that specific booking.




NOVA admin - mail logs


More control over e-mail notifications

In order to make sure that all information reaches your corporate customers, the latest version of NOVA comes with a new section "Mail Logs" that helps you identify any possible failed attempt of the e-mail notifications. This acts as an extra layer of control over the failed e-mail sending attempts.

There might be issues sending email notifications due to a failed connection to the email server. Using this module, NOVA Admins can take advantage of a back-up option to easily spot these errors and resend the affected emails directly from the "Mail Logs" section.


It's all about making business travel experience smooth and hassle-free!