Centralized business travel bookings

Corporate travel bookings should be managed in an  integrated way, regardless the reservation channel


Nowadays everything is happening at an extremely fast pace. Business travel is no exception - today’s travelers expect a seamless travel experience that blends confident self-service with expert human advice and facilitation across a range of communication channels, tools and technologies. And all of these should happen at a moment’s notice. When planning for their next business trip, people expect convenience – if they use an OBT, they want an experience similar to the one provided by popular consumer-facing platforms; if it doesn’t live up to their expectations or they simply do not find the results desired, they go offline, contacting directly the travel agent – either by email, phone, text messages and even by instant messaging. With so many touch-points, it’s clear that travel management companies can no longer fit these various channels cleanly into the buckets of online and offline.


Keep the process centralized & under control

TMCs often find themselves overwhelmed by the efforts and time wasted trying to keep everything centralized and under control and are struggling to make the offering process as efficient as possible.

The way travel programs are created, facilitated and serviced have a great impact upon customer satisfaction and can make the difference between a happy customer and a lost one.  

Corporate travel management should be an integrated experience no matter the channel used for booking purposes. This can be easily achieved with the right technology in place.  

CSBT online booking tool can perfectly blend online bookings with the offline requests, eliminating the trouble that otherwise could have been caused by the attempts of managing all the different sources used by corporate customers. No more back and forth with the requests made outside the online booking tool, offers sent by email, time wasted with travel policy checks, rejected proposals due to non-compliance that lead to starting over and so on.

Having all the information in one single place and managing it in a centralized manner translates into an accurate and integral record of travel spending. This thorough data capture plays a key role for accounting purposes, reporting and cost control.


Enjoy automation

Your corporate customers can send you their travel requests for services such as flights, hotels, transfers, car rental, insurance, visa, train, bus and can also benefit of one single management view for all online and offline bookings directly from the CSBT interface. Additional details, mentions and special notes can be added in the same interface.

Your travel agents will see all the offline requests in CSBT, can manage all of them directly from the platform, being also able to upload and send the offers directly from the Admin section of CSBT.  Further on, your corporate customers will enjoy full automation: once confirmed, the travel service will pass through the approval process, regardless how complex it is defined.

The automation process goes even further, all the reservations confirmed in CSBT being processed into TINA mid-back office system, helping you strengthen your operational efficiency, increase speed and productivity. With CSBT – TINA integration, you also enjoy full control on managing the credit limit defined in TINA for each corporate customer and make sure you have the necessary financial visibility for all of them. More than that, for each reservation that is made through CSBT, the proper service fee will be applied, according to the rules defined in TINA, as per your commercial agreements. The automation will continue with the invoicing and balancing/ reconciliation process, followed by reports that will be issued and sent automatically by email to the chosen user.





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