WebBeds Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner Program

We're happy to share the news of extending our collaboration with our valued partners at WebBeds through our Preferred Partner Program. Our strong partnership, which spans over a decade, has been a cornerstone of our success. Building upon the global alliance between dcs plus and WebBeds, our goal is to elevate our current collaboration to the status of a preferred partnership. This move is driven by our commitment to enhancing the value we offer to our shared customer base.

WebBeds, a global marketplace in the travel trade, is renowned for providing robust distribution solutions to travel industry players. Within the group, multiple trading platforms are integrated in IRIX and are available through our selling channels B2B, corporate and B2C. At the heart of this initiative lies our joint dedication to nurturing strong partnerships and delivering cutting-edge technology and content solutions to our mutual customers, including you.

Why we launched dcs plus Preferred Partner Program?

✨ Mutual Growth: Our Preferred Partners program signifies a deeper commitment to joint efforts and mutual growth. Together, we aim to set new standards in providing great solutions to your business.

  • Priority in WebBeds Travel API Updates: Stay at the forefront of technology with exclusive access to priority updates for WebBeds’ APIs across their trading platforms.

  • Priority in Platform Improvements and Features: You will enjoy priority access to enhancements and features on our platform for WebBeds, as preferred partner.

  • Priority in Mapping of WebBeds content: Your content takes center stage! You will benefit from prioritized mapping for WebBeds's content into our mapping services, ensuring that your offerings are updated for a better service.

About WebBeds

Launched in 2013, WebBeds is a global marketplace for the travel trade, providing powerful distribution solutions that make selling and buying travel products easier. It sources accommodation and destination services from travel suppliers, aggregates and merchandises that content in the WebBeds platform, then distributes it to its global network of travel trade buyers, who sell to the travelling public.

WebBeds 2024

Why WebBeds?

Hotels and other suppliers - global and regional hotel chains, independent hotels, apartments, resorts, attractions, transfer and sightseeing companies and more - can sell their products to a global network of online and offline travel buyers through robust solutions that provide greater inventory control to simplify distribution, and leverage WebBeds enhanced analytics to inform inventory optimization choices – saving costs and increasing revenue.

Travel buyers - online travel agencies, retail travel agents, corporate travel managers, tour operators, wholesalers, tourism boards, super apps, DMC’s, group providers, airlines and more - can integrate the hundreds of thousands of hotels and ground services in the WebBeds marketplace through simple and seamless API connectivity, or they can search, shop and book online through one of WebBeds trade only booking sites.

  • WebBeds partnership unlocks access in IRIX to multiple trading platforms across the WebBeds group.
  • Provides a choice of 430,000 hotels and great availability ranging from the most popular cities in the world to a huge choice in global beach destinations.
  • WebBeds operates globally through four geographic regions – Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA (Middle East and Africa) and Americas.
  • Over 1,500 travel professionals working in 120 cities across 50 countries worldwide. 
  • A global network of over 44,000+ travel buyers, our distribution partners who sell to the travelling public, in more than 139 source markets.



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