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TINA features

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Automate processes with TINA



Automate every single process inside your travel agency. By allowing TINA to handle these processes in an automatic way, you can focus on reducing your operational costs.


Management of customers

Access and store details about both corporate as well as individual clients – from contact information to profiles. 

Monagement of customers


Management of suppliers


Management of suppliers

Organize the different aspects of your suppliers – general details, fiscal details, prices, invoicing profiles, commission management, CRM data.



Management of requests and sales

Input of all requests (no matter of channel), processing the requests according to the approved workflows and procedures, parallel multiple searches inside 3rd party systems & searching inside own inventory.

Management of request and sales

Management of travel documents

Generate the travel documents in a variety of formats.

Management of fiscal documents

Manage documents such as: client invoices & payments, supplier invoices & payments.

Documents template manager

TINA allows you to customize your documents.

Management of reports templates

Generate report templates that fit your needs.
Exporting & importing to and from accounting software


Exporting & importing to and from accounting software

TINA makes it possible to integrate with accounting software through a feature that enables you to export and import data from the software.

3rd party software connection via webservices

Launch multiple parallel searches in any number of suppliers' systems and import all the data you need into TINA.


Some extra benefits


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