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AIDA's main features

AIDA successfully comprehends all the features great travel distributors have for all sorts of services: accommodation (hotels, villas, apartments etc.), transportation (air, bus, car, transfers etc.), other services (meals, transfers, cruises, trips, tickets etc.), packages (circuits, tours, vacations etc.) and can easily bring its customers in top level distribution competition.

Very flexible platform, allowing fast changes to components’ structure

  • Capacities
  • Pricing
  • Service links and restrictions
  • Packages
  • Last minute offers
  • Early bookings
  • Special offers

AIDA supports different distribution channels

  • Own selling platform
  • Webservice - you can choose the type of configuration you desire for front office selling interface or integration with 3rd party distribution channels

Various travel services and (static) properties 


  • Allowed passenger types
  • Available room and facilities
  • Permitted occupancies


  • Departure and itinerary
  • Vehicles maximum capacities


  • Pick-up - drop-off transfer segments
  • Detailed pricing

Other (Secondary)

  • meal, car rental, cruise, theatre, tour etc. 

Full inventory at your service 

  • Define capacities and availability in each day of the month, for all months which overlap the service’s lifespan
  • Use general rules to define large intervals, treat exceptions at day level
  • Day level inventory breakdown for each room type or transportation segment/ sub-itinerary
  • Intuitive and highly usable interface
  • Browse among the calendar and select each component at day level
  • Manage check-ins and stay lengths

Manage accommodation services in different ways


Management per all rooms & all features – e.g. 20 rooms


Management per room type – e.g. 10 single, 10 double

Extra detailed

Management per room feature – e.g. sgl: 5 sea view, 5 mountain view; dbl: 3 garden view, 7 sea view)

Comprehensive module for price definition

You can define all price components individually:

  • Supplier price
  • Tour operator commission
  • Reseller commission
  • Taxes

You can easily define different prices for the same product, based on the reseller market. Or why not even customize different reseller categories (groups) and set alternative prices?

Moreover, the ‘multiple rates’ definition allows you to input special deal prices, such as ‘pay and stay’ or ‘rolling early booking’. The modular structure of the rates management section allows the extension of the ‘special deals’ types, according to your own customized offers.

Flexible cancellation policies

You can define cancellation policies for each service or package. 


And the penalty can be set as:

  • Percentage of service  value 
  • Fixed amount
  • Number of nights

 Also, multiple rules can be added to a single cancellation policy.

Static & dynamic packages

Static packages with the possibility to add multiple additional services, either mandatory or optional

  • Tours - built around transportation service  – multiple destinations with multiple accommodation units
  • Holidays - built around the accommodation service – single destination, the location of the accommodation service 


Dynamic packaging with shopping basket

Each travel service is added into the shopping basket. Your customer chooses accommodation, transport and other services and builds his custom package. All based on the links, rules and restrictions you set up.

Extra benefits 

  • Flexible payment mode for resellers
  • Documents template manager (DTM)
  • Automatic e-mail alerts and warnings
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Operations logs
  • Webservice
  • Mid/back office export
  • Multi-language content and interface
  • 3rd party reservation system integration
  • Business to supplier interface etc.


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