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In travel industry, customer satisfaction speaks louder than expensive advertising

ABC Travel Service, Taipei

It's just like gambling to find an IT supporting company. You never know if you are making a right decision until you see the result. I am working as a FIT hotel reservation wholesaler for more than 16 years, I did a lot of survey while looking for an IT company to help me build up our own online booking system, I am very happy that my decision seems quite correct to choose dcs plus. Their knowhow in both IT and hotel reservation service are much better than I expected. I will recommend dcs plus to you if you are not selling hotel reservation service in Taiwan (my main market). Hahaha...'

 Kevin CHOU, Managing Director 

Accent Travel & Events - part of Egencia Network

[...] we can tell we’ve found the technology (AIDA, TINA, TBS) that can help us in all areas of our business. From the speed and accuracy of the reports we can generate to the customized parameters we can set, this is a technology that definitely keeps up with the fast paced and always changing tourism industry. It is refreshing to work with a very experienced, knowledgeable and quick responsive support team. The technology also helps us in creating business synergies with more and more partners.

We’re definitely recommending dcs plus technology to any tourism agency that’s looking to grow their business in a smart and efficient way.

A sincere thank you to Mr. Cristian Dinca for its resourcefulness, suggestions, and every way in which he consulted us.

Lucian Boronea, General Manager

Aerotravel - part of Lufthansa City Center (LCC) network 

A long term cooperation with dcs plus offered me the privilege to see a good idea in 2003, transformed through hard work, initiative and innovation, into a success story today. And I am sure of that for the future, too.
As a user of the software applications suite developed by dcs plus I observe in every moment their impact over the processes inside the company. Starting from a critical area of our operations and reaching zones related to the development, management and distribution of Aerotravel products, dcs plus integrated solutions completely cover our needs, while the relationship between our companies, consolidated through the professionalism of dcs plus consultants, allows a direct and effective intervention when, after a deep analysis, a specific development is necessary. ...
So, after eight years of collaboration I look with confidence to the next eight...

Antonio Nitu, General Manager 

Best Business Travel

We are very happy with the collaboration with dcs plus. The customized configuration they managed for us culminates in a very good product for the tourism industry. Not only is this package very efficient towards increasing quality and sales, but it also makes it easy for the client, as well as the travel specialist. dcs plus gives us the best solution for organizing each and every travel project (be it corporate or leisure) which saves us precious time, leaves little space for human error and offers an easy – yet complete – overview of our company’s activity.
We appreciate the dcs plus team for their professional approach, dedication, support and for their continuous efforts towards being the best.

Mihai Tecu, Managing Director 

Business Plus - Lufthansa City Center (Part of Thomas Cook Czech Republic)

dcs plus won our international tender for a new mid office system for the Business Travel department and till today, four years after implementation, we are convinced that this was absolutely the best decision. Especially the willingness to react promptly to our additional requirements is very convincing and we love many features of the software, especially the comprehensive reporting tool. Not only the software but also the people in dcs plus are the reason that we strongly recommend a cooperation.

Udo Wichert, CEO Thomas Cook s.r.o.

Business Travel and Tourism - Corporate services to suit every company's needs

It is more than 5 years since we have implemented TINA as a mid office application in order to increase our efficiency. The implementation period was shorter than expected; the professional training didn’t take a long time because the interface is very well structured and intuitive. The application helps us in maintaining a coherent workflow which increases our efficiency. No information is ever lost and the reports always reflect the real and up-to-date situation of the travel agency. This allows us to quickly manage the travel agency as well as the activity of the travel agents. Our work is faster and the human errors in respect with the preparation of documents are few. TINA was easily adapted to our specific needs and to the specific needs of every department (from ticketing to financial). Thanks to TINA we have become more efficient and for this we thank dcs plus for its constant professionalism.

Antoniu Iubak, Marketing Manager

Danubius Travel - part of TUI Travel PLC Group

dcs plus is one of the strategic partners of Danubius Travel. Before TINA implementation, Danubius Travel was using 3 or 4 systems simultaneously – lost time and high costs. TINA facilitated the daily activity for me and my colleagues, allowing us to optimize the information flow and to extend our business. What I mostly appreciate at TINA is the capacity to adapt to precise necessities. The professionalism of dcs plus team determines me to highly recommend them as long term partners for any kind of business.

Iulian Beiu, Sales & Contracting Manager

Ebooking Center - major DMC in Lebanon

We would like to express our satisfaction and gratification in regards to the service and quality we have been constantly receiving from dcs plus.

After thorough research between 40 different GDS and more, we were convinced that dcs plus is the right choice. We look in the different aspects of the service offered and many factors influenced our choice. Since it is very essential for our business to adopt a very flexible system, dcs plus proved to be a successful selection.

This system has many benefits and we can name a few: it is very user friendly and easy to access. Moreover, the system allows us to input an unlimited number of XMLs without affecting its speed. Additionally, the system allows us to control all its aspect in terms of downloading vouchers, invoices, reports, statistics, etc. But one of the main benefits of this system is the Helpdesk Team. We always appreciate their quick response and their effectiveness. The IT Team is very creative and accurate, always a step ahead from any implication we may suggest.

As a business, we can only succeed with the assistance of the products we choose and their team, and dcs plus proved to be a very helpful system to increase our progress.

We will always find ourselves recommending dcs plus and we look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship.

Daniel Eid, General Manager

Eximtur - one of the leading travel companies in Romania

Our relation with dcs plus started in 2014, when we have decided to implement their software solutions, as the main platform for managing Eximtur activity. We found a young motivated open-minded team that is focused on meeting our needs. We are using TINA, AIDA, TBS and TRIP and we like what we have seen. Our agency’s activity is very diverse (tour operating, corporate travel management) and we have found that dcs plus products are versatile and able to adapt in an adequate amount of time. We see dcs plus not as a supplier but more as a partner that engaged in a journey of business development having been with us every step of the way: brainstorming for the best solutions, expanding and breaking limits. I am sure that with our know how gathered in 22 years of tourism and with their professionalism and dedication the sky is the limit.

Alexandrina Sanek, IT Project Manager

Go Travel –  SunMedair - Corporate & leisure with strong online presence 

Dear partners,
On behalf of GoTravel / SunMedair I would like to thank dcs plus' team for all their professional support during the training and implementation of TINA inside our company.
In respect with the solution provided by dcs plus (TINA) I would like to mention that now, after 6 years since the implementation, that implementing it was the most important decision I have ever made for the good of Go Travel. I state this considering the fact that before the implementation of TINA we were in the past and now after implementing it I can definitely say that we are in the future. Thank you dcs plus!

 Catalin Musat, General Manager

Gold Travel & Ariel Holiday

Implementing TINA was probably the best option for having a real image of how business is going for both our companies, individually and together. We consider TINA not just a tool, but a trustworthy friend, showing things as they really are, even if not as we expected or wanted them to be. Providing accurate information in real time, TINA helps us not only to improve the day-to-day activity but to make good and timely decisions. But all “relationships” need time and people to establish equilibrium and this is where and when dcs plus' team intervened, promptly, with professionalism and…patience. We thank them all for the kind support and for being next to us whenever needed in order to help us to become, using TINA, more efficient and effective every day.

Gabriela Tudor, Owner & Managing Director (IATA and non-IATA travel agencies)

Happy Tour - Group of companies 

In Happy Tour Group, we consider that the greatest benefit arising from our partnership with dcs plus  is their capacity to understand our innovative  business concept. As leader of the Romanian tourism industry, we need to be competitive, fluid, and flexible in nowadays business environment, at the same time to provide the best tools so that our employees and partners (i.e. Associated Agencies) may use to constantly improve the productivity. TINA (ERP – Enterprise Resources Planning), TBS (Front Office and Distribution), which represents the platform behind our Happy Booking distribution system, and AIDA (Inventory and Stock Management), help us to reach high standards and also to acquire the best results.  For all of these, Happy Tour Group thanks you, dcs plus!

Javier Garcia del Valle, Executive Vice President/ CEO 

Kenes International -  one of the world’s leading PCOs  

Back in 2014, we were looking for a professional partner, able to provide us a world-class experience through robust and reliable technology. That was the moment we started the collaboration with dcs plus. Choosing dcs plus platform proved to be the right tech investment decision - we discovered innovative capabilities in a complex platform able to deal with so many scenarios and situations found in the daily operation of a global PCO.

But the software wasn’t the only thing that optimized our company’s performance – it was also the support and services provided by dcs plus team that made their offering complete. The team’s expertise and professionalism, the quick and responsive support saved us valuable time and translated also into great advice and consultancy for Kenes.

dcs plus has managed to deliver us excellence by bringing together superior products and services and offering us all the necessary support to use them to their full potential.

Uzi Drori, Director of Information Systems 

Liberty International - more than 20 years of personal touch worldwide

Seven years ago I was actively involved in the implementation of TINA for one of the biggest travel agency in Romania. I knew the product was great but going through the whole training process I discovered the reporting module which I consider one of the best assets of TINA. 4 years later and working for a different company I had to look for a software solution which could easily interconnect the operational departments with the accounting departments and I discovered with great satisfaction the TINA Lite (the small sister of TINA). The product is a great tool for small and medium offices which do not really need the IATA add-on, it looks and it works the same like TINA, it even has the reporting module plus the possibility of customizing the reports, and it is less expensive then the “bigger” sister. The integration process with our accounting system was fast and without any data loses and everything turned into a success story for us!

Ionut Macovei, Managing Director


All expectations met!
A great disponibility and a perfect understanding of all our requirements.
We sincerely think that the solutions proposed are the most efficient and evolutive products on the market and we are pleased to use them every day.
It's a great pleasure to collaborate with dcs plus team. Since over one year now, we have found a very precious business partner, respecting time limits, costs and offering high standards in terms service quality and a full customer dedication.  Thank you!

Aydin Ayav, General Manager

Nik Parvaz Talaee Tour and Travel 

It’s been two years of business. It was the best ever coincidence when I met Andrei from TINA department at ITB Berlin. TBS for sure is a handy B2B software, probably the most easy to use application of its kind. The team offers best quality support as soon as possible. I have worked with different platforms since 2004, but TBS is the greatest solution I have seen. You have full control over your suppliers and you can also control the market need in order to boost your sales. You also have the possibility to define your database as well as the hotels you are interested to sell.

We enjoy simple accounting credit control as well as the ability to apply the desired design on our own documents. From the day we have implemented TBS, we have done pretty good sales in very bad period of our country economic situation.

TINA is not an end in itself, but it is a means to an end. It is not creating company standards but it controls travel industry procedures at acceptable level.
I would like to thank both teams for helping us to improve our business. Once again, I am happy because I met Andrei at ITB Berlin and bought TINA and TBS later.

Mehdi Farrokhian, Managing Director


Romania Travel Plus - Destination Management Company

We would like to thank dcs plus team for the support offered during the implementation of TINA ERP in our travel agency.
You proved professionalism and patience, managing to communicate clearly and concisely all the details needed for a proper operation of the system.
We hope that you will maintain the same high standards in the future too, and we also hope to maintain a solid partnership.

Romania Travel Plus Team

Talma Travel & Tours

dcs plus is not just an IT company , it's a family for me. I work with dcs plus for over 9 years, it's not just the advanced technology, it is about the people behind. When looking for an IT company, you should count on dcs plus that you get the best product, the best service and real people to work with. We use the full platform: IRIX hotel/flight/transfer/activities/ car rental engine, AIDA as our tour operator solution, TINA Mid Office, as well as TRIP B2C platform.
With dcs plus the sky is the limit, I recommend the industry to move on to dcs plus products.

Last year we made a significant decision implementing Tina ERP as our mid Back office for Talma Wholesale ltd. considering the fact that our local market behaves totally different from any other market.

With a great support of the DCS team we launched Jan.1st 2018, and after 9 months in operation we moved to an automation process.

With no doubt it is a game changer for the industry, the automation process is a cost saving, time consuming, and the biggest advantage of TINA ERP especially for TMC’s, OTA’s and TO’s”.

Tzafrir Ben-Avinoam, GM Talma Wholesale

Travel And More 

We are using TINA for over 5 years – one of the most comprehensive mid-office applications, especially created for travel and tourism activity, that proved to be an extremely valuable support regarding the structure and automation of the operational and financial processes inside the travel agency.
Due to the available modules and functionalities, TINA manages to structure and streamline the flow of activities inside the agency, fact that reflects in cost reductions, increase of operational efficiency and increase of productivity. Moreover, using as support the detailed reports generated by TINA, the financial and operational management decisions have more solid foundation, being based on real data, provided in real time.

Adriana Himceac, Agency Director

TravelBiz - For Business and Pleasure

We implemented TINA ERP in our travel agency in April 2011. During the implementation process we benefited of dcs plus professional support; they promptly answered any questions we had, making efforts to solve the inherent problems that occurred during the implementation.
Since the implementation we noticed a significant improvement of activity control due to the facilities offered by TINA, fact that helps us a lot in the decision making process related to the travel agency’s activities optimization or tracking of market trends, customers’ requests etc.
Despite some minor constraints of the system, which we tried to solve or change by means of a consultant allocated to us by dcs plus, the use of the system is quite easy and intuitive and the control of the activity inside the agency as well as of the ones involved in this activity being much easier.

Roxana Mantoiu, Marketing & Development Manager

Travel Time

We are working with dcs plus for more than 3 years and we are very happy having them as a software provider. Always professional, delivering in time and with high customer focus, dcs plus implemented for us their software application, vital for running our business.
The business partnership with dcs plus is outstanding due to their easy-to-use products, using the latest technologies, due to their professional and skillful employees and last but not the least, due to the ethical manner of doing business of Mr. Cristian Dinca, CEO & Founder of the company.
We are more than happy to recommend dcs plus' latest versions of products, they are truly the software a business travel agency should obtain.

Gabi Mandache, Managing Partner

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