TravList - White Label Itinerary Management Mobile App


TravList smart tavel app


What is TravList?

TravList will serve your travelers as an itinerary management app – catering for all their journey needs in one place. TravList offers your travelers a single place to easily manage all the details of their trips.

Let your customers enjoy a ‘paper-less’ travel experience – no more need for printed boarding passes, no more accommodation or car rental vouchers, no more individual and separate emails – all the details into one spot! 

TravList, mobile app

A smart marketing & retention tool

TravList mobile app is a key marketing tool that you can leverage to deploy modern customer engagement campaigns and increase customer retention. Use it as a vehicle to deliver automatically useful information to your customers, be permanently in touch with them, while offering them the possibility to manage their travel plans from one place, directly on their mobile phones.

  • Mobile marketing tool
  • Customer retention tool
  • Automated itinerary management mobile app
  • Cross-selling & upselling tool


TravList comes with two versions of managing your travelers

Self Management Itinerary Platform - FREE Version of TravList

With the self management itinerary platform you can manage your travelers and offer them access to TravList, the itinerary management mobile app. The trips that you add in the platform are automatically sent to Travlist mobile app, offering your travelers a 360° travel experience! Instead of sending your travelers off to a third party app, this platform will help you manage your post-booking relationships with your customers.  

Full automated process of importing travelers

The Enterprise version of TravList comes with a full automatic process of importing your travelers. This means your passengers will be automatically imported from your platform in TravList Proxy. All the transactions that are made are automatically received and processed by our servers and further dispatched to the users.

All the information about trips, flight notifications, points of interest, restaurants, special offers and so on, are delivered to TravList automatically. The use of TravList implies no effort for you, as a travel agency. It fits with the already existing processes and workflows and with the daily operations taking place within your business. 

We want to offer you an end-to-end experience, so we created all dcs plus products interconnected. This way, you can manage your sales process and generate any report in TINA, you can create and manage your own inventory in AIDA,  you can aggregate and distribute travel content from your own inventory as well as GDS's and Wholesalers in IRIX. You can use TRIP to sell all this content to your online customers, and keep your customers close after the initial purchase in TravList.

Retaining your customers doesn't have to be overly complicated. We have developed a mobile app to make sure that you can engage and retain your customers. 

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