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inventory and distribution solution for tour operators

The process of building itineraries is complex?

Let's simplify it!

 Our inventory and distribution application successfully comprehends all the features needed by travel distributors, for all travel services: AIDA is ideal for tour operators that design and build their own packages (holidays, tours, city breaks, trips etc.), and resell other services and packages from third party tour operators – and who require a way to manage availability, inventory, and prices.

  • Accommodation (hotels, villas, apartments etc.)
  • Transportation (air, bus, car etc.)
  • Transfer services (car, van, minibus etc.)
  • Other services (meals, cruises, trips, tickets etc.)
  • Packages (tours, vacations, city breaks, shopping, adventure, health etc.)

Enjoying a high flexibility, AIDA allows immediate changes to components’ structure:

  • Capacity
  • Pricing
  • Service links and restrictions
  • Packages
  • Last minute
  • Early booking
  • Special offers 

AIDA inventory and distribution solution provides travel agencies two types of packaging options:



  • Static packaging – fixed services joined statically, under for a fixed price, predefined package

                    o Tours  - built starting from the transportation service (multiple destinations with multiple accommodation units)

                    o Holidays – built starting from the accommodation service (single destination)

In both cases, multiple additional services can be added to the package – either mandatory or optional.   

  • Dynamic packaging – links among the services and dynamically created package.

Accommodation, transport, transfer and additional services can be chosen for custom packages, based on the links, rules and restrictions that you set up. You can model the dynamic packages on the fly, by adding or removing restrictions among services while on sale.

Join services statically, under fixed, predefined packages or dynamically create packages by linking different travel services.

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We can tell we’ve found the technology (AIDA, TINA, TBS) that can help us in all areas of our business. From the speed and accuracy of the reports we can generate to the customized parameters we can set, this is a technology that definitely keeps up with the fast paced and always changing tourism industry. It is refreshing to work with a very experienced, knowledgeable and quick responsive support team. The technology also helps us in creating business synergies with more and more partners.

We’re definitely recommending dcs plus technology to any tourism agency that’s looking to grow their business in a smart and efficient way.

Lucian Boronea, General Manager

Accent Travel & Events - exclusive partner of Egencia (an Expedia Company) in Romania