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Do you fully control your business?

It is amazing how travel companies still tolerate inefficient processes and use dated technology to manage their daily operations. They often use ineffective systems – either standalone, disparate sets of disconnected systems, or part of broader ERPs – those becoming too costly to support or simply failing to produce reliable forecasts or demand plans.travel ERP

Among the problems that lurk while using such systems, one would encounter:

  • Disruption: outdated technology operates in silos that isolates information when information needs to be accessible
  • Delays: older technology often requires manual tasks, which increases error
  • Inertia: older technology fails to adapt to changing dynamics in the marketplace
  • Obsolate: impossibility to keep up with or respond to industry developments etc.

How can TINA help you overcome such issues?

Managers and decision makers need comprehensive information. TINA is a mid-back office solution that provides timely and reliable data about the various operations on a daily basis.

This travel management software enables you to have increased control over the activity taking place inside your travel agency and operation by:

  • Optimizing business processes
  • Increasing visibility over the agency's operations
  • Ensuring consistency of data throughout all back-office processes
  • Controlling the overall activity inside the agency 

TINA travel management system is designed to help your organization run more efficiently. Moreover, our sales, implementation, training and customer care teams are ready to help you answer any questions, trouble shoot problems anytime.


Want to discover the benefits of using a travel ERP? 

  Discover the benefits of using a travel ERP

On behalf of GoTravel / SunMedair I would like to thank dcs plus' team for all their professional support during the training and implementation of TINA inside our company.
In respect with the solution provided by dcs plus (TINA) I would like to mention that now, after 6 years since the implementation, that implementing it was the most important decision I have ever made for the good of Go Travel. I state this considering the fact that before the implementation of TINA we were in the past and now after implementing it I can definitely say that we are in the future. Thank you dcs plus!




Catalin Musat, General Manager