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Easy Search & Book Tool

Using NOVA online booking tool you can offer to your corporate customers an optimized and straightforward travel management process, as everything happens automatically – from searching process to the final reservation. Users can plan, book and purchase travel services within their company’s policies. It allows travellers to access and update their travel profiles 24 hours a day.


Your own travel content

NOVA allows you to put up for sale the travel content that you have contracted from your chosen suppliers. Commercial airlines and low-cost carriers, through GDS or Direct Connect option, hotels from the wholesalers that you have agreements with or your own contracted hotels – you have free content freedom.


Fast search response time

Our advanced online booking tool provides your business travelers a fast search response time when they are searching for travel services which translates into time-saving for the users. Travel content can be easily narrowed according to your users' preferences through the advanced content search and filters available in the platform.


Advanced user profiles 

Your corporate customers can define rights and roles for various users or per users group. Travel managers can associate for each user travel policy profiles, set approver for user, associate cost centers, add multiple frequent flyer card or other travel settings regarding their preferences.


Advanced travel policy

Our platform helps your corporate customers manage travel within the parameters of their specific travel policies. A travel manager can create multiple profiles that can be associated with each corporate user, set travel restrictions, type of services allowed, price restrictions and can easily define outside and inside policy configurations.


Approval chain

Our Corporate Self Booking Tools allows establishing complex workflows and approval processes according to your corporate needs.Travel managers can set for each user an Approver. If the offers are outside policy, they will need to be approved, if the offers are inside travel policy, the offers are auto-approved and the travel documents are sent to the booker.


Remarks configuration 

Our Corporate Self Booking Tool allows remarks configuration compatible with all Global Distribution Systems and mid back office solutions. Bookers can add remarks for their reservations outside the policy when they request for approval and can supply reason codes for the services that violate the applicable travel policy. You can configure special remarks for each corporate customer that are automatically updated in the PNR.

Corporate reports

Corporate reporting ensure control over costs and travel policies at all times for travel managers. Travel program responsible will always have a close-up view of travelling employees, details regarding booked services, cost centers and travel spending.



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