dcs plus deploys the solutions directly within the customer infrastructure, as we offer our solution on-premise to our clients. dcs plus shall install the Software on a server dedicated by the customer                        within thirty (30) days after payment of the Delivery Fee by the customer. This approach ensures that our customers have complete control over their data and systems, allowing for greater security and                customization. By integrating our solutions on-site, we cater to the specific needs of each business, enhancing performance and providing tailored support

Before the start of the delivery, a detailed timeline will be established. This timeline will be based on the customer's desired go-live date and will take into account the input and availability of our                      Customer Success Team. This ensures that the deployment process is well-coordinated and aligns with the customer's schedule and resource planning. Our Customer Success Team will work closely with              the customer to ensure all aspects of the deployment are thoroughly planned and executed, guaranteeing a smooth transition and optimal functionality from day one.

  • dcs plus Return/ Cancellation Policy

Our return and cancellation policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction and protect the interests of both parties and it will depend on the contract between dcs plus and the customer. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Agreement, termination for convenience is not permitted. The Agreement, along with the license granted under it, can be terminated by either Party immediately with written notice if the other Party breaches the Agreement and fails to remedy the breach within fourteen (14) days after receiving written notice of the breach. Termination can also occur if the other Party assigns assets for the benefit of creditors, files for voluntary bankruptcy, agrees to an involuntary bankruptcy petition, is declared bankrupt, or ceases operations.

dcs plus is a registered brand of DCS FAST LINK SRL, company incorporated in Romania under Registry of Commerce Registration number J28/303/2002 with Fiscal Registration Number: RO14849015, registered office at Business Unit: 206-218, Șerban Vodă Street, U•Center Building, 4th Floor, 040215, 4th District, Bucharest, Romania,