ITrip in IRIX

Expand your hotels content with ITrip!

By working together with various accommodation providers, travel agencies gain broader access to a variety of rates, prices, available rooms, exclusive offers, and the ability to adjust to dynamic situations. This empowers you to offer more competitive options, improve customer satisfaction, and take advantage of opportunities in different market segments.

We have a strong interest in developing valuable partnerships to enhance the advantages for our customers, empowering travel agencies to provide exceptional content and regain their selling strength. dcs plus has joined forces with ITrip to deliver highly competitive rates by leveraging a combination of their directly established hotel contracts and dynamic connectivity with prominent players in the travel industry.

Why ITrip?

iTrip - Online Reservation System, a subsidiary of Fursan Group, a prominent MENA travel company, emerged in late 2012 as a rapidly expanding B2B supplier in the region. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they provide with top-notch products at highly competitive rates. 

ITRIP is a wholesaler with products all over the world, offering very competitive rates through a combination of their directly contracted hotels, dynamic connectivity with the leading chains of the hotels that allow last moment room availability at special negotiated wholesale contracts, XML integrations with leading wholesalers further strengthen their product availability.

  • More than 1 million properties worldwide with access to instant confirmation;
  • More than 38,000 direct contracted hotels;
  • Unique customer service through 24/7 multi language global support.

Our understanding of the dynamic nature of the travel industry enables us to recognize the changing needs of our customers. Therefore, we consistently strive to enhance the range of suppliers accessible through the IRIX booking engine.

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