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Introducing you to the latest features in our Corporate Self Booking Tool, NOVA!

In a constantly changing landscape of corporate travel, staying agile and effective is essential. As your travel technology ally, we recognize the significance of assisting you with the essential resources and ensuring you are well-informed about the latest developments for our NOVA Corporate Self Booking Tool.

This month, we have plenty of exciting updates for you to explore!

1. Task scheduler

The "Task Scheduler" feature allows you to allocate various tasks to the platform, based on specific requirements. This translates into customizable set of tasks that can effectively assist both corporate users and TMC's operational teams through diverse reminders:

  • passport expiry reminders;
  • pending approval follow up notification;
  • pending approval already paid to supplier follow up.


NOVA notifications



New roles available in NOVA


2. Users roles & access restriction

NOVA Admin can take advantage of the latest  major update on the accessibility options of Agency Interface.

This feature provides full flexibility in setting up new roles for users that need to access the Admin Interface and have access only to some modules.


3. Offline Requests module improvements

A recent addition to the Offline Requests module available in corporation interface, introduces the status per each offline services requests. 

All corporate users have now the possibility to access real-time status for all their offline requests submitted through NOVA platform.


Offline services status



NOVA single sign-on


4. Restrict standard log in for SSO users

As some companies are more restrictive when it comes to accessing different systems, this configuration assists you in setting up more restrictive log in method for these corporate customers.

While the SSO method is enabled, the user will be restricted to: 

  • Log in with standard credentials (NOVA username  & password)
  • Reset NOVA password in any way
  • Access NOVA if the Microsoft account used in the SSO connection is disabled from the identity provider`s interface (Microsoft in this case)


Stay ahead of the curve with NOVA Corporate Self Booking Tool!