TINA is NRA certified software for Bulgarian market



Last year, the National Revenue Agency NRA in Bulgaria developed changes in Ordinance No N-18 on registration and reporting through fiscal devices of sales in trade sites. The change affects requirements to software for sales management and new requirements to the persons and companies who carry out sales through electronic shop.

NRA will monitor any monetary payment in real time, implementing new regulation for cash registers and fiscal printers. The new fiscal regulation needed serious modification in all sales management software and business system, including ERP systems for travel companies.

dcs plus team has been working in the last year to prepare our ERP solution, TINA, to be compliant with the new regulation and with the changes in the way that travel companies need to work starting from mid 2020. With the developments performed, this month, TINA was officially recognized by the National Revenue Agency as a certified software provider and declared compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Technical channels for communication between TINA and fiscal devices 
  • USN – Unique Serial Number generated by TINA for each receipt. With the introduction of the new fiscal devices, each cash receipt issued will be reported in real time to the NRA
  • Queue fiscal printer – monitor transactions status accordingly on the new structure of workflows
  • Reporting – Custom reports in TINA according to NRA requirements


About TINA

One of the world's most advanced travel ERP systems, TINA has a proven track record of over 15 years and is favored by members of global TMCs such as:


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