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Business travel continues to play an integral role in building corporate culture and driving business success.

It is well known that the most prominent trend that takes center stage for business travel industry is the use of technology.  This forward-thinking approach is not only about keeping up with the latest innovations, but is more on finding the right solutions to reduce costs of travel expenses and controlling the budgets as per the companies' policy.

How can TMCs stand out as the best ally for their corporate customers?

Taking the opportunity to reconsider your tech offerings, not only helps you stay ahead of the curve, but also plays a crucial role in catering to the needs of corporate customers. Having the ability to apply the company travel policy to bookings made through the system is imperative. Implementing the right Corporate Self Booking Tool can bring advantages both for your company and traveling employees.
  • Control travel budgets: Business travel is the first to see budget costs. Companies need flexibility in defining as more rules as to have control over costs, taking advantage of comprehensive travel policies over flight and hotel services.
  • Ensured compliance: Approval profiles serve as a crucial component for corporations seeking to maintain control over their travel expenses and ensure compliance with internal policies. Either we are talking about sequential chain, parallel chain or first decision workflows, corporations need the right OBT that allows them to configure approval processes to meet their goals.

Flexibility in defining travel policies 

Considering different budgets that need to be translated into travel policies, our Corporate Self Booking Tool - NOVA was designed to allow in-depth definitions of travel policies. This ensures that employees adhere to company guidelines, promoting compliance with budget limitations.

travel policy in NOVA


Create and manage approval profiles

Approval profiles allow corporations to define and enforce travel policies effectively. By setting specific criteria and rules within the approval workflow, it acts as an extra layer of control. TMCs need to offer their corporate customers all the necessary options when configuring approval profiles, so they can ensure that every booking aligns with the established guidelines while preventing unnecessary expenses.

Travel requests can be routed through a predefined chain of approvers based on the employee's position within the organization. By defining a clear policy and configuring multi-level approvals processes, you can ensure everything runs smoothly and have all the stakeholders involved in the approval flows.

Approval profiles in NOVA


Keep track of expenses through cost centers

Defining and managing cost centers translates into better allocation of resources and costs associated with travel programs. By associating travel expenses with specific cost centers facilitates comprehensive financial reporting, so that organizations can get valuable insights into how much each department is spending on travel.

Facilitates accurate tracking and reporting of travel expenses, helping the finance team budget and forecast.

Cost Center in NOVA


Managing business travel shouldn't be a hassle. Let's get in touch to find out what advantages can NOVA bring for you and your corporate customers!

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