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What is unifyt?

{AIR}, {MIR}, {IUR}. These and other similar acronyms have been giving headaches to travel technology companies for the last 30 years. TMC’s need to report to their corporate customers using information stored in these files, OTA’s need to automate their workflows and even flight refund companies use them to find out the flight route.

Until now, all of them had to learn to decode these files using trial and error techniques and the learning curve was not very steep. With thousands of remarks and combinations of services, it usually takes years to properly decipher and use them.

Meet unifyt – the online service that converts the cryptic information stored in GDS files or  other supplier booking data into an easily readable API that can be immediately connected to your mid-back office system, BI, reporting tool or any other platform. You don’t have to worry about learning how it works, we’ve been doing this for the last 18 years.


How does it work?

The only thing you need to know is the data format required by your mid-back office solution or your BI. You don’t need servers, IT infrastructure or developer services as unifyt is provided as SaaS.




unifyt imports your booking files using our special designed algorithms, and continuously processes the information. The data is then structured on multiple layers and made available via API in any format you require.

The unifyt output contains all travel related data: from traveler data stored in PNR to refund, void, IMR data and ghost segments. It even processes remarks or MIS fields and provides them in a structured way so they can be used with ease.


How much it costs?

Definitely way less than a development team. And don’t worry, we got you covered even if there are changes in the file structure or when there are upgrades in the GDS data.

Differentiate from your competition with the right technology and guidance!

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