corporate travel solution for travel management companies

Corporate travel solution for Travel Management Companies

You know that in a company, the travel expenses are among the largest costs, these being difficult but crucial to control. Help your corporate customers to maximize the value of their travel spend so that they can perceive the business performance as a result of travelling. In this complex and dynamic industry, in which business travel in only going to expand, the travel management companies should stay competitive and differentiate themselves by offering premium service to corporate clients and their extremely demanding travellers.


Offer your corporate clients a simplified booking experience, the necessary tools to reduce costs and the possibility to:

  • Send requests or input orders in an organized and structured way
  • Receive price offers that can be confirmed with one simple click
  • Get real time information about bookings, the status of a booking, financial details (invoices, payments) and reports
  • Easily monitor employees travel
  • See whether the travel policy is implemented or if the approval workflow is respected
  • Manage their cost centers and any additional cost related information etc.


Moreover you, as a travel professional, can:

  • Improve communiction with clients
  • Expand product and service outreach
  • Disseminate important information, including travel warnings 
  • Easily monitor and implement Service Level Agreements with your corporate customers


Several TMC representatives are using TINA solution worldwide


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dcs plus won our international tender for a new mid office system for the Business Travel department and till today, four years after implementation, we are convinced that this was absolutely the best decision. Especially the willingness to react promptly to our additional requirements is very convincing and we love many features of the software, especially the comprehensive reporting tool. Not only the software but also the people in dcs plus are the reason that we strongly recommend a cooperation.

Udo Wichert, CEO Business Plus - Lufthansa City Center (Part of Thomas Cook Czech Republic)