TBS MARKETPLACE - the right mix of content and technology for medium and small travel agencies

Pressure on productivity is increasing year by year and the competition is more fearsome than ever in all business sectors. The travel industry makes no exception, in fact it is one among the most competitive industries. 

  • What can a travel agency do in such a harsh environment? 

Access to diversified content and good prices is the basic asset for the travel agency, but how to achieve that?

Working with multiple suppliers might be the solution, however reaching them is tough, especially by small players who cannot guarantee volumes and pay the large deposits. Even if reached, the hassle in accounting as well as the lack of sales volume which cannot pull highly competitive travel service prices creates a vicious circle in firing up a business or growing a medium one: no suppliers therefore no volume and no volume so no interest from suppliers.

A large distribution network and advanced sales capabilities, as well as processes automation are a prerequisite for the volume sales, but how to get there with minimum marginal cost in a sustainable manner? Definitely not via paper, telephone, fax and email.

Even so, technology is expensive and presents a high entry barrier hence a high risk for the agency. What if it does not do the job is supposed to do?

  • So how about access to travel service and functional technology with no entry barrier, all together in a bundled pack?
  • What can this mix bring to increase productivity in such a way to achieve a disruptive growth, even for a small or medium travel agency?


Solution for access to content - dcsMarketplace

  • It is an international marketplace where large suppliers put their content on sale.
  • Due to diversity of suppliers from different regions, the travel services are covering quite well all the destinations, so it is a sure place to go shopping for all your “shopping list”.
  • Due to the size of its suppliers, the dcsMarketplace benefits of highly competitive service rates so once again, a sure place to go shopping for all that you need.
  • Simple to access, no hassle, tailored for each customer needs.
  • One stop shop for the right travel service, pay as you go.
  • Can start with as little as 0 (zero) deposit.
  • No travel service commissions.

Solution for technology – TBS marketplace

  • This is a powerful booking platform for b2b sales (as well as b2c options) that pulls services from the dcsMarketplace and allows automation of processes inside the travel agency.
  • Derived from the Enterprise version of TBS (the product used by very large agencies), it offers similar features but much more simple to use and especially easy to connect to content.
  • Proven to work (a ready functional product, not a custom made solution), no installation costs, no server or other hardware worries, just pay as you go, no entry barrier (SaaS model).
  • Helpdesk and support from the technology provider, solution is upgraded all the time, new features are no surprise.
  • One stop shop for your agents, one place to get a low rate travel service with worldwide coverage. They login, make the search, see the lowest rate, make the booking, pay and get the invoice. Simple and fast.
  • Multiple options to extend to b2c so you can conduct OTA business as well, taking the services from the same source and through the same technological platform.
  • Due to multiple payment options for your buyers (credit, pay later, credit card) the sub-agents network can be expanded very quickly, in an automated fashion and with close to zero marginal cost.
  • Automation of processes, bookers management reservations management, policies management, auto cancellations of unpaid bookings, invoicing etc.
  • Advanced reporting on activity, bookings and resellers.
  • Make your own pricing policies and decide the commission on each channel, reseller or market you plan to make your sales.
  • 24/7 working platform, clients from all over the worlds can make bookings with you at any time with no hassle, no complex agreements, no IATA or other licensing.

With a network of just 30 agents who each make an average of 1 booking per day, a rough estimation of the monthly sales volume is 900 bookings per month. This could mean a revenue from commission of 8 000 – 25 000 EUR per month from this business branch alone.


With such a mix, you get both your problems solved:

- You have instant access to a high quality travel service source, with high diversity and very competitive rates

- You have the right technology to conduct your sales in an automated fashion, low marginal costs for expansion, streamlined processes

This would be the correct recipe and the right ingredients for a sustainable growth in a market dominated by technology, demanding customers and high competition from the large players.


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