TripStar by GlobalStar

Travel smart with TripStar

Travelling has never been simpler! With TripStar by GlobalStar you have all the needed information and even more, right there in the palm of your hand!

Organizing a trip can cause quite a headache, especially when you don’t have all the information in one place. Either we are talking about you flight details (hours, gate number etc.) or your hotel information, not to mention the actual itinerary, things can get out of hand.

TripStar by GlobalStar allows you to have total control over your trip from beginning to end. 

Receive real time alerts about your flight status (delays, cancellations, rerouting etc.), about your hotel booking, the events taking place during your trip, the weather forecast and many more, and forget carrying actual documents or papers (boarding passes, vouchers, accommodation flyers etc.).

Key features:

  • all your travel information is stored in one place (your past, current and future trips);
  • online check-in;
  • the user-friendly interface allows you to get the right information just by using a registration code;
  • real time alerts that will keep you in the loop if something regarding your trip changes;
  • count down timer for the next service, the app doing the actual conversion considering your time zone changes;
  • you have complete information about your itinerary (flight/hotel details, transfer & rent a car services);
  • permanent contact with your travel agent (the app will show you his/her contact details so you can get in touch faster and easier);
  • travel plans can be synchronized with your own calendar for better record;
  • automatic reminders set-up and free alerts notifications (based on your trip details);
  • your travel plans can be easily shared with others by sending constant updates or through social media channels;
  • full-pack of useful tools and widgets that can make your travel experience a great one: maps, currency converter, weather forecast, local times, photos of the destination etc.;
  • recommendations for activities at the destination point;

TripStar by GlobalStar works in connection with travel services from GlobalStar Travel Management. 

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