IRIX is certified for Copa Airlines

dcs plus is certified for Copa Airlines

The travel industry is moving towards increased personalization, as merchandizing techniques drive new revenues and business opportunities, and as travelers expect brands to know them and adapt offers accordingly. As more airlines are adapting to the NDC movement, we continue investing our technological resources and aligning our software capabilities to the new wave to support the travel agencies using our solutions with the best travel content partnerships and operational advantages.

We are happy to announce our latest integration of Copa Airlines in our booking engine, IRIX, through the direct connection to Copa Airlines NDC inventory. With this new certification, travel agencies can access the flight content through direct connectivity to Copa Airlines, facilitating the access to availability, pricing, shopping, ticketing and also to the ancillary services provided by the airline.

Copa Airlines has concentrated on adapting its strategies to fulfill customer needs and enhance efficiency within a competitive landscape. Given the increased competition in the region impacting revenues and fares, the traditional distribution model has become less cost-effective. Now, travel agencies that sell Copa Airlines content have the opportunity to directly access the airline's inventory through IRIX.

Richer, more innovative content and more tailored offers for your travelers from Copa Airlines 

With the latest integration of Copa Airlines NDC content in IRIX, we unlock new types of offers from the airlines available in the program and it's an opportunity for the industry to come on board with the latest retailing capabilities for flight content:

  • Access to the best travel  content and services.
  • Exclusive Sales Promotions
  • Some origin destination tickets 
  • Access to Ancillary Products that are not available in the traditional GDS channel.
  • Avoidance of the cost-recovery surcharge on reservations made through traditional GDS distribution.
  • Fewer unproductive transactions and thus reduced risk of ADMs.
  • Targeted toward different points of sale, so you can pick the one that works best for you.
  • No additional costs involved for adding Copa Airlines NDC content in IRIX Booking Engine.

dcs plus is proudly carrying on its consistent growth and is continuously investing in its technology and services. The new partnership with Copa Airlines is further evidence of our commitment for the Central LATAM region. NDC holds great potential for the travel industry, and is part of a bigger picture of digitalization as airlines and travel sellers are testing new ways to adapt their businesses and improve services provided to the traveler.

At dcs plus, our commitment remains steadfast in investing towards the widespread implementation of NDC-enabled solutions, in collaboration with Copa Airlines, on a global level. We are actively addressing the distribution hurdles faced by travel agencies and elevating technological standards in facets like NDC offerings' merchandising and content variety. Furthermore, we extend beyond this, as we persistently advance our operational capabilities through our ERP, TINA that automates workflows, minimize the hassles associated with manual processes linked to NDC content management.


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No more operational hassle for Copa Airlines NDC bookings

Our mid-back office TINA is able to handle NDC transactions efficiently across the entire data flow – from importing the transactions from various channels to invoicing and reconciliation, ensuring the same, automated processes for NDC-enabled content as for other sources.

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