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Enhancing TMCs and corporate customers' experience with the latest developments in NOVA!

We strive to ensure that our customers remain aware of product releases that are most important to the success of their way are servicing the corporate customers. Our approach to enhancing the corporate self-booking tool is dynamic and constantly evolving. We regularly introduce new and improved features, taking into account valuable feedback from our diverse global customer base.

Discover the latest features in the NOVA, your Corporate Self-Booking Tool!

1. Top hotels/ recommended hotels

The recommended hotel feature allows you to mark specific hotel properties as preferred places to stay by the company for their employees. There are cases when your corporate customers have recommended properties that are known to be safe, are familiar with the hotels and know that the customer service or hotel amenities meet their employees’ s expectations.

For each corporate customer, you have the option to configure a list of recommended hotels for the company. From the Admin area of NOVA, you can create specific list for various cities and define the preferred hotels you need to mark as recommended ones. Travelers will see a company recommended badge next to these properties in their hotel search results.


recommended hotels-1



cheapest, fastest, best -  Animation


2. Cheapest, Fastest, Best offer

Corporate travelers can now save valuable time when booking their next trip with the introduction of a new filtering option on the flights list from NOVA. This feature allows your travelers to swiftly find the Cheapest, Fastest, or Best inside policy offers. The "Fastest offer" considers all available routes, while the "Best offer" presents the quickest and most affordable option, inside policy if available.


3. Travel Policy - price per pax restriction

A recent addition to the travel policy section introduces a new choice: the ability to set restrictions per traveler, impacting the final price on a per-passenger basis. When this option is selected, the offer price will be divided by the number of passengers in the search, and the restrictions specified in the travel policy sections will be applied to each resulting price.

For hotel bookings, the price per night will similarly be divided among the number of passengers to determine the final price to which the restrictions will then be applied.


travel policy criteria



approber and traveler notifications


4. Approver & Traveler notifications

If there is an offer that is still pending approval (not issued) and its ticketing time limit is set for the future, any manual changes made to the ticketing time limit in IRIX will trigger a notification to be sent to NOVA. It is essential to have IRIX webhook push notifications enabled on the API for this to work. When NOVA receives the notification and all the specified conditions are met, it will resend notifications via email to various stakeholders:

  • Approver users
  • Booker (the traveler)
  • Arranger - if the booking is an arranged one

5. Search any location on the map

Enhance your corporate customers' experience with the location-based hotel search on the map.

Your customers can effortlessly filter hotel results by any desired location and discover all the existing hotels conveniently located near their chosen destination.



NOVA search hotel on map - Animation


branded fares  -  Animation


6. Intuitive fare families section

The branded fares/fare families section offers now an enhanced user experience, showcasing a wide array of flight options in an easy-to-follow manner. This translates into an easier search and book process for your corporate customers to find the right flight specific for their needs. 

By simply hovering over the fare options, NOVA reveals more details regarding the additional services included in a specific flight option.


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