IRIX - mark-up and commission

Define your mark-up & commission strategies with IRIX!

Every company must find and develop the right pricing strategy for their particular goals. Businesses can increase their profit margins by implementing a strategy that adequately prices their products.

Managing mark-up and commissions profiles help you increase your margins, keeping the pricing both competitive and meeting your revenue goals through different strategies.

In order to run a smart pricing strategy, you need a flexible, reliable and fast solution to find growth opportunities when setting your mark-up and commissions. A smart mark-up profile helps you in keeping a tight control over your margins as well as extend smart pricing to your travel agents and customers.  

Grow your margins by creating smart mark-up and commission profiles!

Our Booking Engine - IRIX comes with an enriched mark-up and commission module which allows configuring a comprehensive set of rules on how mark-up and commissions are applied to different travel products. More than that, it offers you the possibility to keep an eye on every segment: resellers, groups or markets, to better apply your sales strategies depending on each segment.

We unlock new opportunities of better defining and managing mark-up and commission profiles by setting your own rules fir dynamic mark-up through profiles that will be applied in different ways based on your strategies, percentage, flat, service based, pricing tiers, destination based, discount periods, and many other rules.

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This feature gives you the full flexibility to configure different rules on how mark-up and commissions are applied to different travel products for adding an extra layer of profit, for all your sales, regardless of the selling channel.

Boosting your profit with technology is made easier with the right technology provider!

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