TINA new dashboard templates

Your data is valuable. Use it.

Companies that embrace digital technologies and harness the power of data already have the upper hand when it comes to decision-making, problem-solving, and performance. Automation can aid the democratization of business intelligence, streamlining the enterprise-wide sharing and consumption of insights about your business. Imagine starting the day with a summary combining reports and data visualizations from all the different places the information might ‘live’.

Unlike outdated, legacy tech with more rules-based approaches, TINA ERP can handle more complex processes, deliver greater speed and accuracy, and is capable of extracting information that can be fed into downstream systems. Our belief is that automation can play an equally important role in improving underlying data quality by avoiding errors introduced by manual data entry.

Unlock the power of your data with insightful already defined dashboards in TINA

A dashboard report is a powerful tool for meeting business objectives, displaying vital company data instantly. With our Dashboard Templates from TINA you will be able to focus on making better decisions, act faster on data-driven insights, and spare your business from costly mistakes. Our ERP comes with predefined dashboards that display widgets tailored to the dashboard type. You can select any of the predefined dashboards directly from the dashboard menu, and you get instant access to valuable widgets.


C-level Dashboard TINA v2

C-level Dashboard

See how your company is performing and add  your dashboard of widgets that focus on your most important KPIs showing the overall sales performance and financial stats.

CFO Dashboard TINA v2

CFO Dashboard

This powerful CFO KPI dashboard offers deep-dive insights into essential financial aspects that you must check on a daily basis on cash and profitability.



Operations Dashboard TINA v2

Operations Dashboard

Benchmark your success against previous months or years while mapping out your performance in a number of key areas using TINA Operations dashboard from Stats to top insights on your sales activity.

Agent Dashboard TINA v2

Agent Dashboard

Add this dashboard to view your most recent services and invoices operations that needs to be tracked. At the same time, you can easily access the currency convertor and exchanges rates info through specific widgets.



System Administrator Dashboard TINA v2

System administrator

 Keep an eye on this dashboard to monitor your daily TINA performance analysis for a proactive troubleshooting, continual improvement and capacity planning.


 You can use these templates dashboards immediately, without having to complete the process of making a customized dashboard from scratch.

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