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Your decisions now will determine how strongly you come out of the COVID-19 crisis and how well you perform in the next normal. In today’s business world, cash really is king and ensuring travel agencies are managing their cash flow carefully is critical. Travel agencies will need to manage their cash flow carefully in order to head off or deal with any potential cash shortfalls further down the line.

New Financial Widgets in TINA

In order to help you have an accurate overview of your business, we have developed a series of new financial widgets absolutely essential for any C-level that needs to have a daily status of the business. These widgets have been designed to provide genuine, and ideally daily, value to the key stakeholders:

  1. Daily Income vs Expenses Balance and Cash flow - this chart will calculate the daily balance based on incomes and expenses and will simulate a cash flow for the next 45 days;
  2. Monthly Cancelled/ Refunded Services - this chart will help you have a monthly overview for added services, refunds and cancelled services for the last 12 months;
  3. Daily Cancelled/ Refunded/ Added Services - this widget will show the number of transactions on a daily basis;
  4. Future Services with check-in date in the next 30 days - this widget indicates the volume of services that are not invoiced, number of services invoiced but not cashed, partially cashed and totally cashed