TINA certified for Copa Airlines

dcs plus is certified for Copa Airlines

The travel industry is moving towards increased personalization, as merchandizing techniques drive new revenues and business opportunities, and as travelers expect brands to know them and adapt offers accordingly. As more airlines, are adapting to the NDC movement, we continue investing our technological resources and aligning our software capabilities to the new wave to support the travel agencies using our solutions with the best travel content partnerships and operational advantages.

We are happy to announce that our travel ERP, TINA, is now certified for Copa Airlines NDC inventory. For each travel agency is important to have a powerful ERP to work directly with the NDC content as the main current pain comes on the operational side on how to handle all the work in an automatic way.

By obtaining this latest certification, dcs plus has become one of the pioneering companies that provide assistance to travel agencies in streamlining their operational processes. Through our cutting-edge ERP system, TINA, we enable interpretation and automation of Copa Airlines NDC transactions.

No more operational hassle for Copa Airlines NDC bookings

Travel ERPs have a big role when it comes to NDC adoption, and we have extended our strategical developments on the operational side, through our travel ERP, TINA, in automating the flow and reducing the hassle with the manual work and dramatically reducing the operational costs for Copa Airlines NDC content.

Nowadays, travel agencies using TINA as their mid back-office can work seamlessly with Copa Airlines NDC bookings, allowing smoother and faster navigation in retrieving information and processing efficiently all the transactions, by interpreting any type of operations for Copa Airlines:

  • Issue
  • Reissue
  • Refund
  • Void
  • EMD

This way, TINA is able to handle NDC transactions efficiently across the entire data flow – from importing the transactions from various channels to invoicing and reconciliation, ensuring the same, automated processes for NDC-enabled content as for other sources.

NDC holds great potential for the travel industry, and is part of a bigger picture of digitalization as airlines and travel sellers are testing new ways to adapt their businesses and improve services provided to the traveler. At dcs plus, we are working to overcome distribution challenges of travel agencies and upgrade the technology in areas such as merchandizing and content options of NDC offerings. It’s critical we have a trusted technology partner that can provide you with the infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve of NDC movement.



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